Unlocking Secrets

Original Synopsis

"Unlocking Secrets has a total of 224 pages which are papers from writer 'Kennedy Layne'. The Keys to Love series continues in this thrilling follow up that will have you turning the pages well into the night! A grim discovery in Lance Kendall’s home proved one thing—the residents of Blyth Lake had a serial killer in their midst. Now Lance had unintentionally put a target on his back. Worst yet, he’s made the only woman he ever loved known to a murderer. A trip down memory lane with the man who’d broken Brynn Mercer’s heart wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done in her life, but their reunion was a slow burn of temptation that she couldn’t ignore. Together, they will only have one chance to correct the past. Will the hidden secrets he uncovered threaten their love or solidify it for a future that has always been out of their reach? Series Description: Their homecoming wasn’t so welcoming. Four brothers and one sister each gave twelve years of their lives to serve their country and fulfill their family’s legacy of service. As each of them return to their home of record, they weren’t prepared for what awaited them—an unforgivable sin that has been hidden for twelve long years. Secrets and lies are concealed in the dark shadows of the very town they were raised in, and the Kendall family will have no choice but to rely on one another to unravel the sinister evil that they all hold the keys to unlock. 2018-04-08 time of publication of the book, [-Kennedy Layne Publishing-]"

Publisher : Kennedy Layne Publishing
Pages : 224 Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 1943420416
ISBN-13 : 9781943420414
Time : 2018-04-08
Author : Kennedy Layne
Size : 719 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Dream Keys for Love

Original Synopsis

"Dream Keys for Love has a total of 246 pages which are papers from writer 'Lauren Lawrence'. Covering all the important dream motifs for romance, love, marriage, and divorce, this unique guide to the unconscious keys to the heart discusses paranoia dreams, freedom dreams, redecorating dreams, and many other others. Original. 1999 time of publication of the book, [-Dell Publishing Company-]"

Publisher : Dell Publishing Company
Pages : 246 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 9780440234784
ISBN-13 : 0440234786
Time : 1999
Author : Lauren Lawrence
Size : 948 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Secret Language of Successful Couples

Original Synopsis

"The Secret Language of Successful Couples has a total of 224 pages which are papers from writer 'Bill Farrel, Pam Farrel'. Why is it so hard for married couples to get in sync with each other? How is it that your mate can be a source of joy and of frustration all on the same day? Marriages operate by a secret language—a collection of key words, actions, insights, and attitudes that determine how a couple’s relationship works. If that language is uncovered, love grows and flourishes. If that language remains a mystery, love gets buried behind misunderstandings and irritations. Bill and Pam Farrel, authors of the bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti, offer biblical and practical insight into this language that God has programmed into each married couple. Laced with the Farrels’ trademark humor, The Secret Language of Successful Couples is packed with ideas to help couples connect at a richer, deeper level. As both partners grow in relationship with God and rely on the Spirit for insights into the heart of their mate, they can replace their old, selfish languages with a new one that leads to greater intimacy in every area of life. Rerelease of The Marriage Code. 2014-02-01 time of publication of the book, [-Harvest House Publishers-]"

Publisher : Harvest House Publishers
Pages : 224 Paper
Genre : Religion
ISBN-10 : 0736955887
ISBN-13 : 9780736955881
Time : 2014-02-01
Author : Bill Farrel, Pam Farrel
Size : 245 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Unlocking Fear

Original Synopsis

"Unlocking Fear has a total of 220 pages which are papers from writer 'Kennedy Layne'. A captivating romantic suspense series from USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne where seduction burns but danger is never far behind... A chance mishap with a sledgehammer was the sole reason a chilling nightmare was unleashed in Blyth Lake. Noah Kendall’s grisly discovery left him in the middle of a murder investigation and a neighbor who knew more than she was willing to say. Reese Woodward had returned to town with dark secrets, and he was determined to unravel them. While evil lurks in the darkness, seduction burns between them…only time was their enemy. Will her secrets destroy what they’ve built, or can he earn her trust before the killer strikes again? Series Blurb: Their homecoming wasn’t so welcoming. Four brothers and one sister each gave twelve years of their lives to serve their country and fulfill their family’s legacy of service. As each of them return to their home of record, they weren’t prepared for what awaited them—an unforgivable sin that has been hidden for twelve long years. Secrets and lies are concealed in the dark shadows of the very town they were raised in, and the Kendall family will have no choice but to rely on one another to unravel the sinister evil that they all hold the keys to unlock. 2018-01-29 time of publication of the book, [-Kennedy Layne Publishing-]"

Publisher : Kennedy Layne Publishing
Pages : 220 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1943420394
ISBN-13 : 9781943420391
Time : 2018-01-29
Author : Kennedy Layne
Size : 329 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

The Safeguard Series (Volume One)

Original Synopsis

"The Safeguard Series (Volume One) has a total of pages which are papers from writer 'Kennedy Layne'. From USA Today Bestselling Author Kennedy Layne comes a thrilling romantic suspense series that will leave you on the edge of your seat... Brutal Obsession (The Safeguard Series, Book One) Ashlyn Ellis never expected her plea for assistance to materialize in the form of Keane Sanderson--the one man who had every reason to revel in her misfortune. She's finally given the chance to rekindle the flames of desire she never should have extinguished, just in time for it all to be taken away when a stalker takes his obsession a step too far. Faithful Addiction (The Safeguard Series, Book Two) Royce Haverton doesn't like surprises, so walking into the office to find an old family friend desperate for a favor certainly doesn't make his morning. Neither does discovering a cold-blooded murderer is after the one woman who had once meant everything to him. Will he and Cailyn be given the time to explore the still smoldering desire that lies beneath the surface before a ruthless killer tries to finish what he started? Distant Illusions (The Safeguard Series, Book Three) Brody Novak and Remy Kinkaid must work together to hunt down a murderer, despite their growing attraction. It isn't safe to give in to their desires when the killer is always one step ahead of them. It's only when the sadistic killer stumbles that Remy is finally given the opportunity to face her past in order to have a future. Series Description: Safeguard Security & Investigations (SSI) is owned and operated by Townes Calvert, a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant who returned home to the States a bit more damaged than he'd care to admit. Not that anyone could tell outside of a very select group of former active duty buddies. It had taken Townes quite a while to acclimate to civilian life and he'd kept himself busy in the interim working in treacherous situations with even more dangerous friends. The final result is a close-knit unit of highly trained former military men who have the experience to protect the innocent, investigate crimes on the gritty edge, and aid local law enforcement when justice has taken a back seat to political correctness. Follow along as Kennedy Layne conveys each of their gripping stories as they work together on investigations that lead them down perilous paths of passion, intrigue, and suspense... 2018-02-02 time of publication of the book, [-Kennedy Layne Publishing-]"

Publisher : Kennedy Layne Publishing
Pages : Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1943420556
ISBN-13 : 9781943420551
Time : 2018-02-02
Author : Kennedy Layne
Size : 565 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Secret Keys of Conjure

Original Synopsis

"The Secret Keys of Conjure has a total of 312 pages which are papers from writer 'Chas Bogan'. Discover the Primal Energy of Modern Conjure The Secret Keys of Conjure is a guide to the tricks and enchantments of Hoodoo, rootwork, and other American folk traditions. Written by a sought-after Conjure doctor, this book shares recipes for magical oils, baths, powders, mojo bags, and more. With more than 35 tricks and 50 recipes, The Secret Keys of Conjure is an invitation to join a powerful current of magic and explore practices that have been passed down through the generations. Whether you want to practice life-changing enchantments or deepen your connection to the spiritual realm, you will find the tools and techniques that you need for: Divination Rituals Cleansing Curios Setting Lights Sweetening Graveyard Work Psychic Awareness Blessings Good Luck Healing Spiritual Purification Sexual Enticement Influence Love Justified Hexes Spirit Conjuration Protection 2018-02-08 time of publication of the book, [-Llewellyn Worldwide-]"

Publisher : Llewellyn Worldwide
Pages : 312 Paper
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN-10 : 0738754447
ISBN-13 : 9780738754444
Time : 2018-02-08
Author : Chas Bogan
Size : 925 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Secret Keys

Original Synopsis

"Secret Keys has a total of 93 pages which are papers from writer 'Carmela A. Monk'. Secret Keys, a multi-cultural storybook, contains new stories that instill positive values and success principles in young children. Each author writes with the unique perspective of his or her ethnic background, and every page opening features beautiful new color illustrations.From the lives of well-known people, Bible characters, and children like themselves, young readers will discover the secret keys to successful happy living. Keys such as responsibility, commitment, kindness, and integrity open to them lifes richest reward.At the end of each chapter children will find a "key box" that helps them understand and use the secret key with thought-provoking questions and practical applications. Three activity sections reinforce the lessons learned in Secret Keys and provide hours of enjoyment with family and friends. 1993 time of publication of the book, [-Review and Herald Pub Assoc-]"

Publisher : Review and Herald Pub Assoc
Pages : 93 Paper
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
ISBN-10 : 9780828007245
ISBN-13 : 0828007241
Time : 1993
Author : Carmela A. Monk
Size : 535 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

Original Synopsis

"Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage has a total of 304 pages which are papers from writer 'Mark Gungor'. Based on Mark Gungor's wildly popular seminar, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage® builds on Gungor's success with tens of thousands of couples who credit him with enriching, and even saving, their marriages. By using his unique blend of humor and tell-it-like-it-is honesty, he helps couples get along and have fun doing it. Through exploring a variety of subjects including the myth of a "soul mate," the different ways men and women think, the conflicting levels of libido, and the necessity to forgive, Gungor proves that the key to marital bliss is not romance or destiny -- it's work and skill. Couples need to work hard at maintaining their relationship and to have the skills to pull it off. The longer spouses wait to learn these skills, the greater their chance of wanting to bail, yet Gungor makes it easy for couples to bring their relationship to the next level. 2009-03-03 time of publication of the book, [-Simon and Schuster-]"

Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Pages : 304 Paper
Genre : Family & Relationships
No.ID : IsbG1rdwK3EC
ISBN-10 : 1416558799
ISBN-13 : 9781416558798
Time : 2009-03-03
Author : Mark Gungor
Size : 498 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Original Synopsis

"Twelve Keys to Unlocking the Secret of Miracles in a Course in Miracles has a total of 242 pages which are papers from writer 'Bonnie Nack Ed. D.'. "In His Introduction to A Course in Miracles Jesus says: 'This ia Course in Miracles, It is a required Course. Only the time you take it is voluntary. Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you may elect what you want to take at a given time." There is a purpose to our lives! we are here to learn something about Miracles, and we cannot avoid learning it. The only choice we have is to procrastinate the inevitable. It should be noted, however, the Miracle in A Course in Miracles has a very unique and definition and function. Dr. Bonnie Nack is a long time student/teacher of A Course in Miracles who has taken the time to go deeply into her study of the Course and bring forth some of the its most remarkable gems putting them on display. The Course is not easy, but it is oh, so very rewarding once the student begins to apply its principles. By applying these principles, a new way of Thinking and Being is manifest, the light at the end of tunnel is seen, and you know that by following this guide you will indeed find you way Home. Jon Mundy, Ph.D. author of Living A Course in Miracles. 2016-10-13 time of publication of the book, [-Balboa Press-]"

Publisher : Balboa Press
Pages : 242 Paper
Genre : Religion
ISBN-10 : 1504349237
ISBN-13 : 9781504349239
Time : 2016-10-13
Author : Bonnie Nack Ed. D.
Size : 537 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Master Key

Original Synopsis

"The Master Key has a total of 328 pages which are papers from writer 'Robert Peng, Rafael Nasser'. It's 1972 in the industrial city of Xiangtan, China. A frail child with a heart condition sneaks into a hotel boiler room and befriends the elderly yet vibrant attendant, who eventually reveals his true identity as a revered Qigong master. He heals the boy and, for the next 13 years, secretly teaches him the keys to unlocking the spiritual and healing dimensions of the Life Force. It sounds like a modern-day fable, but the story is true. And with The Master Key, that grateful student, Robert Peng, invites all of us to enter the next chapter of this empowering path. Here, Master Peng brings together the unique insights of his teacher with the moving account of his own journey to inspire and guide us into: The foundational methods for gathering, refining, and using the Life Force A five-minute exercise to directly experience the reality of Qi energy Awakening the body's three Dantian centers The Four Golden Wheels practices for strengthening your Qi reservoirs The discovery of your True Self through Qigong's tools of self-inquiry Empowering your relationships and sexual intimacy Entering the sea of compassion and happiness, and much more How do we open the doorways to authentic love, power, and wisdom? The answer lies in our inner Life Force—and The Master Key teaches us how to unlock it. 2014-02-01 time of publication of the book, [-Sounds True-]"

Publisher : Sounds True
Pages : 328 Paper
Genre : Health & Fitness
ISBN-10 : 162203161X
ISBN-13 : 9781622031610
Time : 2014-02-01
Author : Robert Peng, Rafael Nasser
Size : 773 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

How to unlock the secrets of love, sex, and marriage

Original Synopsis

"How to unlock the secrets of love, sex, and marriage has a total of 143 pages which are papers from writer 'Rusty Wright, Linda Raney Wright'. 1981-06 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 143 Paper
Genre : Family & Relationships
No.ID : -s7ERycZA_gC
ISBN-10 : 9780890812884
ISBN-13 : 0890812888
Time : 1981-06
Author : Rusty Wright, Linda Raney Wright
Size : 977 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Fearless Living and Loving

Original Synopsis

"Fearless Living and Loving has a total of 286 pages which are papers from writer 'John A. Love'. Fearless Living and Loving guides readers through a journey of self-discovery. Its uplifting stories offer a new way to perceive the world, and its timeless lessons empower Christians to make positive, life-changing choices. As we endure hardships, questions arise. Has God given up on me? How can I gain more courage and strength? How can I find lasting inner peace? Fearless Living and Loving explores these concerns as it presents the transforming ministry of Christ in a way that everyone can understand. Jesus affirmed that, as our love grows, we are better equipped to overcome adversity. And as our faith grows, we are able to let go of worry and doubt. In times of sickness or decline, people want to feel safe and loved. In times of pain or distress, people seek to learn more about life’s meaning and purpose. And in times of loss or sadness, people strive to maintain hope. These existential truths are found in every part of the world. Yet, by inviting God’s love into our hearts, we can be ready for life’s biggest challenges. And by embracing the Light of Christ, we can live and love without fear. Praise for Fearless Living and Loving: “Heart-warming, healing, and inspirational. I look at my life in a completely different way.” —Melinda Crowley, licensed caregiver “I’ve found my center again. A real gem!” —JoAnne Dole, registered nurse “Uplifting lessons which help us find peace in every moment.” —Dr. Susan Berner, physician “Comfort at a time when my life was turned upside down.” —Mary Newman, massage therapist “Insightful and thought-provoking. A powerful presentation of Christ’s teachings!” —Rev. Julie Keene, pastor “Complex issues explained so that everyone can grasp them. A great gift!” —Tomek Ossoski, transitional care administrator 2014-09-08 time of publication of the book, [-WestBow Press-]"

Publisher : WestBow Press
Pages : 286 Paper
Genre : Religion
ISBN-10 : 1490846808
ISBN-13 : 9781490846804
Time : 2014-09-08
Author : John A. Love
Size : 891 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Keys

Original Synopsis

"The Keys has a total of 176 pages which are papers from writer 'Myranda Love'. Author and Entrepreneur Myranda Love is so freaking happy that she decided to write a book about it. Sounds like a big ol' bowl of cherries (or bullshit, right)? Well...she hasn't always been this happy. In fact, in 2008, she fell into a serious depression and contemplated ending her own life. By applying the Keys she shares in this book, Love was able to quickly overcome depression to create a fulfilling life that she loves. Whether you're just graduating from high school or college, looking to change careers or retire young; deeply depressed, booming success, or anywhere in between, the practical life tools shared in this book can help you. The Keys is a self-help and entrepreneurial "new-work" inspirational guide for anyone looking to increase happiness, success and financial freedom in their life. Dubbed as a Guidebook for overcoming the Mid-life Blahs, the techniques shared for happiness and success in life make it a must read for anyone looking to make their way in this world. The Keys are based on the author's personal journey and real life experiences in applying techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy "ACT", an emerging self-help science based therapy, Laws of Attraction, a metaphysical and spiritual approach to life, and lessons learned from 25 years' experience in business and seven years in entrepreneurship. A few of the transformations that happened in her life since applying these Keys include: Overcoming a suicidal depression Losing fifty pounds and keeping it off for eight years Quitting smoking and releasing addictions Disarming early childhood trauma and releasing shame, guilt and painful memories Recovering independence and thriving after a co-dependent marriage Diving into entrepreneurship and founding five purpose-driven businesses Bouncing back from bankruptcy to create financial freedom Along the way she's experienced more happiness, fulfillment and meaning than she imagined possible during the hopeless days of depression. Love empowers readers to create dramatic transformations for themselves by sharing engaging personal stories and easy to follow action steps. In Part One: Unlock Your Dream Life, you'll learn how to overcome setbacks and childhood traumas, gain confidence that comes from self-acceptance, reap the benefits of mindfulness, discover your authentic "Star Self" and reveal exactly what it is you want your dream life to look like. In Part Two: Create Your Dream Life, you'll discover your life purpose (co-authored by Ryan A. Harris), ways to let it guide you in creating the life you desire, options to make money by doing what you love, how to choose happiness over success or contentment and the importance of appreciating your life and valuing your health. You'll also discover weight loss and anti-aging resources and well-being and mindset techniques to help you take action and ensure you fully enjoy your new dream life. The Keys is not a workbook, but it will teach you the secret to living a better life. It's not a health or weight-loss book, but it can help you drastically improve your health and lose weight, if that's what you need. It's not a business or money-making book, but it can open you up to new ways of creating abundance and financial freedom by becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur. It's not a spiritual or religious book, but it can help increase the inner peace, meaning and happiness you feel by connecting with something that is bigger than you and living a life that you value. It's not a psychology textbook or therapeutic treatment, but it can help you overcome depression, release self-destructing addictions and habits, reduce anxiety and move past emotional trauma to create a fulfilling life that you love. The Keys is a Life Book. That is, it will help you in all areas of your life, if you let it. How things unfold will be up to you to discover. Go ahead, be willing to give it a read. Why not? 2016-05-20 time of publication of the book, [-Createspace Independent Publishing Platform-]"

Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages : 176 Paper
Genre :
No.ID : s3XkjwEACAAJ
ISBN-10 : 9781533381897
ISBN-13 : 1533381895
Time : 2016-05-20
Author : Myranda Love
Size : 911 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Love Yourself

Original Synopsis

"Love Yourself has a total of 54 pages which are papers from writer 'Embrosewyn Tazkuvel'. Loving yourself is all about energy. As humans we devote a great deal of our energy through our time, thoughts and emotions to love. We read about it, watch movies and shows about it, dream about it, hope for it to bless our lives, feel like something critically important is lacking when it doesn't, and at the very least keep a sharp eye out for it when its missing. Too often we look to someone else to fulfill our love and crash and burn when relationships end, or fail to live up to our fantasies of what we thought they should be. When we seek love from another person or source greater than the love we give to ourselves, we set ourselves up to an inevitable hard landing when the other person or source ceases to provide the level of fulfillment we desire. Loving yourself is a precious gift from you to you. It is an incredibly powerful energy that not only enhances your ability to give love more fully to others, it also creates a positive energy of expanding reverberation that brings more love, friendship and appreciation to you from all directions. It is the inner light that illuminates your life empowering you to create the kind of life you desire and dream. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. Happiness will forever be fleeting if you do not have peace, respect and love for yourself. It's not selfish. It's not vain. It is in fact the key to transforming your life. Inward reflection and appreciation will open up clearer channels to God and the divine. Relationships with everyone else will be enhanced as your relationship with yourself expands and is uplifted. All other relationships are only mirrors of the one you have within. As you love yourself, are kind to yourself, respect yourself, so too will you be able to give those and so many other good qualities to others in equal measure to that which you give to yourself. This is a very special book to help you discover your inner glow of love. Inside you will find two great keys you will find no other place to successfully love yourself. These two keys will proactively bring you to the serenity of self-love regardless of whether you are currently near or far from that place of peace. Are you familiar with the infinity symbol? It looks pretty much like the number 8 turned on its side. As love for yourself should be now and forever, in this book you will find 88 evocative reasons why loving yourself is vitally important to your happiness, personal growth and expansion, and the happiness of everyone whose lives you touch. Most people did not consider there could ever be a list that long just about loving yourself! But with each short phrase you read your mind begins to understand to a greater depth how important loving yourself is for all aspects of your life and relationships. As your mind understands your life follows. And this book leaves you with a gift. Inside you'll find two short, but very valuable multimedia flash presentations. One is entitled "Forgive Yourself." The other is "Love Yourself" These are not normal flash presentations. They are self-hypnosis, positive affirmations that will rapidly help you achieve greater self-love and more fulfilling love-filled realities in your life. As soft repetitive music plays in the background, images reinforcing the theme will flash by on your screen about three per second, accompanied by short phrases superimposed on a portion of the image. In a quick 7-10 minute session, sitting at home in front of your computer, you will find the flash presentations buoy and motivate you. Repeat them twice a day for several days and you will find they are transformative. 2013-01 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 54 Paper
Genre : Self-Help
ISBN-10 : 9780938001041
ISBN-13 : 0938001043
Time : 2013-01
Author : Embrosewyn Tazkuvel
Size : 623 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Test

Original Synopsis

"Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Test has a total of 288 pages which are papers from writer 'Abraham John'. Ready to be promoted? Accepting the keys to unlock the secrets is the first step to moving up the spiritual ladder of success! Do you wonder why you are suddenly faced with situations that cannot be easily resolved? Do you hope there is a way to access God’s power and authority to overcome challenges? Keys to Passing Your Spiritual Tests: Unlocking the Secrets to Your Spiritual Promotion answers these questions as well as the following: How do you know when you are going through a spiritual test? In what areas of life does God test a believer? How do you turn your failures to victories? What are the keys to passing your spiritual tests? You will pass every spiritual test when you know the keys shared in this book. You will be filled with hope and equipped with wisdom when you face the next test with boldness. No more setbacks, only promotions. 2012-11-20 time of publication of the book, [-Destiny Image Publishers-]"

Publisher : Destiny Image Publishers
Pages : 288 Paper
Genre : Religion
ISBN-10 : 076848801X
ISBN-13 : 9780768488012
Time : 2012-11-20
Author : Abraham John
Size : 739 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer

Original Synopsis

"The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer has a total of 176 pages which are papers from writer 'Jack Hayford'. Must-Have Resource on Effective Prayer from Bestselling Author Jack Hayford Internationally respected pastor and bestselling author Jack Hayford gives believers the keys to unlocking the secrets of effective intercessory prayer, including how to pray with rightful authority, perseverance, and confidence. He provides encouragement, powerful testimonies, keen biblical guidance, and insight to help readers pray more effectively for God's grace, goodness, and power in the lives of those they love. Topics covered include • answering God's divine invitation to partnership • applying the basic promises of God to prayer • launching a counterattack against the enemy • advancing toward ultimate victory in others' lives • and more Regardless of the situation, here is what believers need to press on in intercession and see God's answers come. Foreword by Darlene Zschech. 2012-10-01 time of publication of the book, [-Baker Books-]"

Publisher : Baker Books
Pages : 176 Paper
Genre : Religion
No.ID : ikpvEetia3UC
ISBN-10 : 1441259929
ISBN-13 : 9781441259929
Time : 2012-10-01
Author : Jack Hayford
Size : 212 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Keys to the Kingdom of Alchemy

Original Synopsis

"Keys to the Kingdom of Alchemy has a total of 148 pages which are papers from writer 'J. Erik LaPort'. Keys to the Kingdom of Alchemy is a decoding of Basil Valentine's 'The Stone of the Great Philosophers - The XII Keys'. Rich allegorical storytelling and masterful conceptual blending reveals the author of 'The XII Keys' to have been a highly educated polymath. 2016-11-01 time of publication of the book, [-Quintessence Publishing (IL)-]"

Publisher : Quintessence Publishing (IL)
Pages : 148 Paper
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN-10 : 9780990619857
ISBN-13 : 0990619850
Time : 2016-11-01
Author : J. Erik LaPort
Size : 567 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Secret Agent Father (Mills & Boon Love Inspired)

Original Synopsis

"Secret Agent Father (Mills & Boon Love Inspired) has a total of 224 pages which are papers from writer 'Laura Scott'. He has a son? 2013-08-28 time of publication of the book, [-HarperCollins UK-]"

Publisher : HarperCollins UK
Pages : 224 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1472023803
ISBN-13 : 9781472023803
Time : 2013-08-28
Author : Laura Scott
Size : 249 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Lost Keys

Original Synopsis

"The Lost Keys has a total of 300 pages which are papers from writer 'Chris Smith'. "The Lost Keys" is a brutally honest, personal, and humorous account of a young man's spiritual journey. Following an unconventional upbringing with his single parent mother, Chris moved to London at nineteen. He was broke, depressed, and had no real direction in life. He discovered a new age book that reawakened his spiritual connections and motivated a five-year journey that led to happiness. Chris has been exposed to surreal moments that supported his adventure in more ways than he could have possibly imagined. He worked with the Prime Minister for two years, and as a Diplomat in Iraq for eight months where he came close to death twice, and taught an Army Major how to meditate. Chris has met Kings, Queens, Presidents and the Dalai Lama, but it was a monk in Burma who taught him the most important lesson of all, and gave him the inspiration to write "The Lost Keys." People from all walks of life are looking for a greater sense of purpose. In a recent UK Census, 79 percent agreed that religion was the main cause for misery and conflict in the world, and 61 percent agreed that organised religion was in terminal decline. Religion and materialism are not enough anymore-something else is missing. "The Lost Keys" will show you the world in a different light, inspire you to change your mindset for the better, and help you see hidden messages. They unlock the secrets to happiness and help you find that missing something. 2013-03-18 time of publication of the book, [-Balboa Press-]"

Publisher : Balboa Press
Pages : 300 Paper
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN-10 : 1452566232
ISBN-13 : 9781452566238
Time : 2013-03-18
Author : Chris Smith
Size : 353 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Fairytale Love

Original Synopsis

"Fairytale Love has a total of 236 pages which are papers from writer 'Leanne French'. With pessimistic divorce and break-up statistics climbing faster than a magic beanstalk, who doesn't want to believe in happily ever after? Fairytale Love presents a playful yet powerful relationship self-help guide that seeks to help you optimistically unlock the secrets of forever after, using inspirational solutions and accessible advice. Fairytales can awaken your creativity, enliven your imagination, and direct your attention to common human conditions and traits of character. They can also entertain, empower, and inspire you to really look at your own ways of thinking and behaving when faced with struggles and triumph. Relying on the positive psychology provided in Fairytale Love, you can find the keys to single-handedly transform your relationship into a more passionate, resilient one. This guide - reveals eighty-eight successful, love-enriching secrets; - awakens self-care and fosters charming ways of being; - puts you in charge of creating your own fulfilling love story; - delivers uplifting, fun ways to treasure each other; and - offers playful, distinctive strategies that increase respect, reduce beastly debates, and make it possible for you to love happily ever after. 2013-12-31 time of publication of the book, [-BalboaPress-]"

Publisher : BalboaPress
Pages : 236 Paper
Genre : Self-Help
ISBN-10 : 1452512434
ISBN-13 : 9781452512433
Time : 2013-12-31
Author : Leanne French
Size : 225 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Woman Code

Original Synopsis

"The Woman Code has a total of 272 pages which are papers from writer 'Sophia A. Nelson'. Every woman lives by a code, whether she realizes it or not. It informs how she treats others and herself, how much she expects of herself, and how far she is willing to go in order to find success. But is the code we're living by truly helping us create the lives of purpose and fulfillment we desire? Or are we sacrificing the deeper things for mere achievement? In this inspiring book, Sophia A. Nelson calls women to live out a powerful life code that will lead them to purposeful and successful lives. With the wisdom that comes from experience, Nelson reveals to women · the true meaning of "having it all" · how to take better care of their minds, bodies, and souls · how to achieve professional excellence without compromising their values · how to find lasting love and purpose in life beyond their accomplishments · how to navigate the sisterhood of women, to build collaboration rather than competition · how to heal from past hurts, rejection, and life's inevitable storms · and much more The Woman Code is a way of living, of navigating life's challenges, and of interacting positively with other women. It's a way of pursuing our dreams and our deepest desires. It reveals a universal and timeless set of principles of the mind, body, and spirit that help women balance the demands of work, home, family, and friendship. The Woman Code not only calls on women to practice purpose in their lives, it shows them how to do it with grace. 2014-10-07 time of publication of the book, [-Revell-]"

Publisher : Revell
Pages : 272 Paper
Genre : Self-Help
ISBN-10 : 1441221743
ISBN-13 : 9781441221742
Time : 2014-10-07
Author : Sophia A. Nelson
Size : 267 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF