The Sun in Her Eyes

Original Synopsis

"The Sun in Her Eyes has a total of 432 pages which are papers from writer 'Paige Toon'. Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon delivers a sensational story set on the picturesque Australian coast, a bittersweet love story about the life-changing events of the past that we can never quite shake. Blinding sunshine… A bend in the road…What became of the little girl with the sun in her eyes? Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother’s life. She doesn’t remember the accident, but a stranger at the scene has been unable to forget. Now, almost thirty years later, she’s trying to track Amber down. Amber, meanwhile, is married to Ned and living on the other side of the world in London. When her father has a stroke, she flies straight home to Australia to be with him. Away from her husband, Amber finds comfort in her oldest friends, but her feelings for Ethan, the gorgeous, green-eyed man she once fell for, have never been platonic. As Ethan and Amber grow closer, married life in London feels far away. Then Amber receives a letter that changes everything. “Before your mother died, she asked me to tell you something…” 2018-03-06 time of publication of the book, [-Simon and Schuster-]"

Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Pages : 432 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1471138410
ISBN-13 : 9781471138416
Time : 2018-03-06
Author : Paige Toon
Size : 181 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Sun in Her Eyes

Original Synopsis

"The Sun in Her Eyes has a total of 300 pages which are papers from writer 'Camry Moore'. 2011-02-19 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 300 Paper
Genre : Florida
No.ID : fePytgAACAAJ
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : OCLC:759498962
Time : 2011-02-19
Author : Camry Moore
Size : 696 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Feeling of Closing Your Eyes

Original Synopsis

"The Feeling of Closing Your Eyes has a total of 56 pages which are papers from writer 'Hannah Claire Miller'. One, two, three, four--I can never quite get to five. The highway is a frightening place to face my fears or to test if I even have any fears. The fact that I can never get past four seconds lets me know that I still care about my own life. The feeling of closing my eyes for those four seconds, I experience it all. I live my whole life in every second that goes by. It passes by like the cars that I speed past, with confused and concerned faces. So instead of counting past four, I write about what it feels like to sum up my life in just a couple seconds, or in this case, a couple poems that allow me to refuse those urges that I am still fighting: the demons of depression and anxiety that tightly grab a hold of me. 2015-01-16 time of publication of the book, [-Author House-]"

Publisher : Author House
Pages : 56 Paper
Genre : Poetry
ISBN-10 : 1496960211
ISBN-13 : 9781496960214
Time : 2015-01-16
Author : Hannah Claire Miller
Size : 824 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Knight Before Christmas

Original Synopsis

"The Knight Before Christmas has a total of 192 pages which are papers from writer 'Nathan Warner'. Misty and Mary-Lou never knew Christmas could be so perilous. One night in December, their uneventful lives were shattered. A Dark Knight from the magical land of Glamorgan accidentally kidnaps them while on an evil mission to steal Santa sets from the Mortal World. The girls escape and enter a beautiful hidden world full of mystery, danger, and friends. Evil servants shadow them and they draw upon each other's strengths to rally all the magical creatures against the Enemy's plans. They journey with all speed from Pearl's Gate to the mines of Pudgemud and the House of Warmth to warn Santa Clause of the growing danger. Can these two young mortals save the magical land of Glamorgan and the Mortal World before the Dark Knight King ends Christmas forever? 2004-02-01 time of publication of the book, [-iUniverse-]"

Publisher : iUniverse
Pages : 192 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : ylrlTkeC_VMC
ISBN-10 : 0595299849
ISBN-13 : 9780595299843
Time : 2004-02-01
Author : Nathan Warner
Size : 652 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Disorder of Longing

Original Synopsis

"The Disorder of Longing has a total of 432 pages which are papers from writer 'Natasha Bauman'. When her husband arrives home carrying a crate of colorful orchids, Ada Caswell Pryce thinks he is bringing her a gift, a peace offering during an unhappy time in their marriage; little does she know how much these strange looking flowers are going to change her life. By Boston standards of the 1890’s, Ada is not a good wife. Strong-willed and beautiful, she longs for the days at university when she was free to be herself. Her husband Edward is intent on curbing her wild behavior, but she thwarts him at every turn -- she drinks wine with the housekeepers, gives feminist books to her maid, and sneaks out for midnight horseback rides along the Charles River. To treat Ada’s “hysteria,” Edward restricts her daily activities and her relationships, then carefully choreographs her sexuality. Unable to bear another day of her stultifying and demeaning existence, Ada secretly plots ways to leave. Ultimately, it is her husband’s all-consuming passion for collecting rare orchids that provides Ada with a daring opportunity for escape. Once free, Ada’s lust for adventure takes her through the dangerous slums of New York, across the high seas of the Atlantic, and finally deep into the lush jungles of Brazil. 2008-06-12 time of publication of the book, [-Penguin-]"

Publisher : Penguin
Pages : 432 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : O5ilGP1YH5MC
ISBN-10 : 9781101014967
ISBN-13 : 1101014962
Time : 2008-06-12
Author : Natasha Bauman
Size : 946 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

A Prophecy's End

Original Synopsis

"A Prophecy's End has a total of 130 pages which are papers from writer 'AJ Cooper'. The day of battle has arrived, but the alliance of Eloesian cities is already evaporating. Theron, the hero whom the Oracle has called, is failing at his task. Against all this, a wind of destiny blows... A wind from prophecy's holy mount. Can a new day rise out of a crimson dawn? 2017-12-21 time of publication of the book, [-Varda Books-]"

Publisher : Varda Books
Pages : 130 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 :
Time : 2017-12-21
Author : AJ Cooper
Size : 574 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

It's a Long Way from Penny Apples

Original Synopsis

"It's a Long Way from Penny Apples has a total of 384 pages which are papers from writer 'Bill Cullen'. Tis better to be born lucky than rich.... There are many ways to confront tragedy and hard times. Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt's tragic--and ultimately uplifting--tale of how one man overcame adversity and found happiness in the New World is a compelling story that has touched thousands of readers. It's a Long Way from Penny Apples is another view of the Irish experience, another man's journey out of the grinding poverty that held an entire generation of Irishmen in its thrall. Poverty and its ills can rend a family apart and ruin countless lives, leaving individuals on their own to find their way, if they can, out of that despair and on to a new life. But not every family gives in to defeat. Sometimes the choice is to not leave anyone behind... and out of that love, a family can come together, using all their talents to bring all of their loved ones to a better place. Bill Cullen was lucky enough to have one such family. Born and bred in the rough inner city slums of Summerhill in Dublin, Bill was one of fourteen children. Selling on the streets from the age of six, be it fruit, flowers, newspapers, Christmas decorations, football colors, or programs, was a means of putting food on the table for Bill and his family. He finished school at thirteen to go on the street fulltime. In 1956 Bill got a job as a messenger boy for a pound a week at Waldens Ford Dealer in Dublin. Through hard work and unrelenting determination, Bill was appointed director general of the company, in 1965. Bill went on to set up the Firlane Motor Company which became the biggest Ford dealership in Ireland. In 1986 he took over the troubled Renault car distribution franchise from Waterford Crystal. His turnaround of that company into what is now the Glencullen Group is a business success story-the group now has an annual turnover of 250 million. Bill Cullen's story is an account of incredible poverty and deprivation in the Dublin slums. It highlights the frustration of a father and mother feeling their relationship crumble as they fight to give their children a better life. It's a story of courage, joy, and happiness--of how a mother gave inspiration and values to her children, saying to them, "The best thing I can give you is the independence to stand on your own feet." It's a Long Way from Penny Apples is nothing less than a modern-day Horatio Alger story, told with humor and love; a heartwarming tale of redemption and overcoming adversity by one of the most famous self-made men in Ireland At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. 2004-02-01 time of publication of the book, [-Forge Books-]"

Publisher : Forge Books
Pages : 384 Paper
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
No.ID : q68miustoJIC
ISBN-10 : 1466820918
ISBN-13 : 9781466820913
Time : 2004-02-01
Author : Bill Cullen
Size : 881 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Dark Secret

Original Synopsis

"Dark Secret has a total of 400 pages which are papers from writer 'Christine Feehan'. Christine Feehan has thrilled legions of fans with her seductive, sensual Carpathian tales. Now, she presents the enthralling story of Rafael, a savage hunter from the darkest jungles, and the beautiful prey he would never let escape. 2005-02-01 time of publication of the book, [-Penguin-]"

Publisher : Penguin
Pages : 400 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : FAuqANh7R8kC
ISBN-10 : 9781101146729
ISBN-13 : 1101146729
Time : 2005-02-01
Author : Christine Feehan
Size : 478 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Blood Rose

Original Synopsis

"Blood Rose has a total of 274 pages which are papers from writer 'Lisa Hornsby'. Ever since Rose's mother died, she has planned her escape from her abusive step-father. Now she has finally managed to leave, and head to a cabin in the Montana hills where she and her mother had spent many happy days together. There, Rose begins to understand her own special abilities. As well as uncovering the secrets of her Chippewa legacy left behind for her by her mother. Before Rose was even born her grandmother a great Chippewa seer, enlisted Cole, a beautiful immortal man to look after Rose and protect her from the 'evil ones'. Together Rose and Cole embark on a journey that twists them through family secrets, unforeseen dangers, powerful abilities and unstoppable love. 2012-03-14 time of publication of the book, [-Xlibris Corporation-]"

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Pages : 274 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1469173255
ISBN-13 : 9781469173252
Time : 2012-03-14
Author : Lisa Hornsby
Size : 419 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Waramingo's Boys and Other Stories

Original Synopsis

"Waramingo's Boys and Other Stories has a total of 360 pages which are papers from writer 'Judith A. Lewis'. A BOLD WALKABOUT ACROSS THE LAND OF VISION, IMAGINATION, AND REALITY "The stories in this book are a combination of my imagination, vision, and experiences and contacts," writes storyteller Judith A. Lewis about this compelling collection of 65 stories about the Australian Outback, the Pacific, India, and traveling. "They came to me in vivid detail and I felt compelled to share these insights into a richer way of looking at our relationship to the Earth." Her theme is the journey, across landscapes, through cultures, or into the vivid realms of visionary experience. Lewis writes evocatively about traveling, in spirit and body, across Aboriginal and cultural terrains, from meeting kangaroo spirits to long-lost fathers. But she writes with equal insight and warmth about the enigmas of the heart, its secrets, joys, aspirations, and epiphanies. A twelve-year-old girl survives an illness by communing with the waratah in bloom. A traveler in Bombay is arrested by beauty amidst the frenetic urban haze. Two twins separated in early childhood journey towards each other. A homeless man constantly walks the highways to bury his past. An Aboriginal medicine man named Waramingo meets the Dreamtime ancestors. "A lot of the visionary stories pertain to the land and its secrets and those who visit it from afar," Lewis says. "I believe that the Earth is alive and awaiting our recognition as are the other dimensions that we all could inhabit. I hope my stories help you remember what you already know, that there is no separation, that everything, from stones to stars, is part of us on this lovely planet." 2007-08-17 time of publication of the book, [-iUniverse-]"

Publisher : iUniverse
Pages : 360 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 0595888437
ISBN-13 : 9780595888436
Time : 2007-08-17
Author : Judith A. Lewis
Size : 715 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Perfection Is Murder

Original Synopsis

"Perfection Is Murder has a total of 280 pages which are papers from writer 'Rebecca C. Long, P. g. Mccormack'. Lauren Fulghum studied at Harvard University to become a pediatrician. She could have made a living as a model with her willowy figure, shoulder-length blonde hair, long shapely legs, and blue eyes the color of a robin's egg. Education was the center of her life. After graduation, she accepted a job with Massachusetts General Hospital. She worked tirelessly for two years trying to forget a devastating relationship while in college. Finally Lauren decided to get back into the real world again. One day she drove over to Harvard Square Commons to mingle with the students. That was the day her whole life changed. She met a handsome student named, Jack Harper. They dated steadily for four months and then got married. Lauren didn't have a clue that it was Jack's plan to find a wealthy woman to help support him through college. She knew very little about him and had thrown caution to the wind. Lauren was thirty-one and she longed to have a family. A family was the last thing Jack wanted. He was obsessed with having things perfect. His real personality emerged as being self-centered, greedy, abusive, and a womanizer. He discovered she had a $500,000 insurance policy and began to think of ways to kill Lauren. In the process of his plans, Lisa, a very rich girl friend from his past and a widower, gets in touch with him. Greed consumes Jack. In the end, it is Jack that dies when he falls from a cliff high up in the mountains and Lauren is accused of murder. Rebecca C. Long was born in Wilson, North Carolina, and lives there with her husband, Marshall. She attended Barton College, where she published her first piece, a poem, in the college's literary magazine. A woman of many interests, she hasowned a fabric shop, designed evening wear and tennis dresses, coached high school tennis, and written several short stories. For the past twenty years Becky's videography and writing have engaged most of her time. Both ventures have involved a host of subjects including drama and legal services to weddings and inaugurations. This is her first novel, which is based on an actual occurrence. 2006-06-01 time of publication of the book, [-Dog Ear Publishing-]"

Publisher : Dog Ear Publishing
Pages : 280 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : 4oGnUMsjln8C
ISBN-10 : 1598581082
ISBN-13 : 9781598581089
Time : 2006-06-01
Author : Rebecca C. Long, P. g. Mccormack
Size : 782 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Visit

Original Synopsis

"The Visit has a total of 271 pages which are papers from writer 'Kate Sullivan'. The Visit is a vividly told tale of Neela, a beautiful widow during the 1890s. In her mountain cabin, she earns a living by using her talents to make and sell her quilts to the nearby towns people. Six years after the death of her beloved husband, she is visited by a mysterious old man that brings her a message from her late husband, Lucas. A wonderfully rich cast of characters make this lively story an adventure, a surprise and a laugh at every turn of a page. Follow Neelas journey as she makes the beautiful quilts on a path to a new life. Just as the snowy winter melts into the glorious days of summer, this is at the on-set of the industrial revolution. Its a gentle time but awakening to all the possibilities of the modern age. 2011-05-31 time of publication of the book, [-Xlibris Corporation-]"

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Pages : 271 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : Motq9tg46-wC
ISBN-10 : 1462878938
ISBN-13 : 9781462878932
Time : 2011-05-31
Author : Kate Sullivan
Size : 321 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Season of the Sun

Original Synopsis

"Season of the Sun has a total of 384 pages which are papers from writer 'Catherine Coulter'. A viking romance IS ALWAY S IN SEASON First published in 1991, Season of the Sun is the glorious story of a Viking man whose love for one woman is nearly destroyed by her stubborn stepfather. 1991-10-03 time of publication of the book, [-Penguin-]"

Publisher : Penguin
Pages : 384 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 9781101209578
ISBN-13 : 1101209577
Time : 1991-10-03
Author : Catherine Coulter
Size : 621 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Spare Room

Original Synopsis

"The Spare Room has a total of 165 pages which are papers from writer 'Kathryn Lomer'. This family, she said very slowly, is the Titantic. She looked up at me and added something about an iceberg. Journeys take on many forms ...... Akira is sent by his family to Japan to learn English in Australia, a journey into a world very different from his own. Akira's homestay hosts, the Moffat family, are not quite what he was expecting. But then, what does he know about Australians? In this tender and evocative tale, Kathryn Lomer takes us into two cultures, into lives connected by grief and uncertainty but with hope in common. It is the story of a journey into belonging, understanding and empowerment ...... where the first steps are often the hardest. AWARDS FOR THE SPARE ROOM CBCA Notable Book Courier-Mail Book of the Year Award for Younger Readers Children's Peace Literature Award Festival Award for Children's Literature 2004 time of publication of the book, [-Univ. of Queensland Press-]"

Publisher : Univ. of Queensland Press
Pages : 165 Paper
Genre : Australian fiction
No.ID : Fj7kjjotyfQC
ISBN-10 : 9780702234774
ISBN-13 : 070223477X
Time : 2004
Author : Kathryn Lomer
Size : 645 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Broken Compact

Original Synopsis

"The Broken Compact has a total of 439 pages which are papers from writer 'M. R. Falco'. When their father is given the honor of becoming the next Duke of Levon, two sisters find themselves thrust into the middle of a seething court filled with intrigue and betrayal. Battling for survival in this strange world of alliances amongst the noble houses, the women soon come to suspect that the troubles in the kingdom go far beyond mere power struggles of the ruling elite; the malice of a dark god from distant lands threatens to destroy everything and everyone they know. 2010-07-25 time of publication of the book, []"

Publisher :
Pages : 439 Paper
Genre :
No.ID : xogyAgAAQBAJ
ISBN-10 : 0557380189
ISBN-13 : 9780557380183
Time : 2010-07-25
Author : M. R. Falco
Size : 434 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Forbidden Circle

Original Synopsis

"The Forbidden Circle has a total of 576 pages which are papers from writer 'Marion Zimmer Bradley'. These two classic Darkover novels tell the epic tale of four people who challenged the ancient laws of the matrix towers. 2002-11-05 time of publication of the book, [-Penguin-]"

Publisher : Penguin
Pages : 576 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : MKpa3uJUVeMC
ISBN-10 : 9781101157503
ISBN-13 : 110115750X
Time : 2002-11-05
Author : Marion Zimmer Bradley
Size : 525 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Break of Dawn

Original Synopsis

"The Break of Dawn has a total of 364 pages which are papers from writer 'Candace N. Coonan'. Time is marching on and a new light is arising... The Queen of Algernon faces her toughest challenge yet, when an unknown enemy from the past comes seeking vengeance. Decisions the Queen has made come back to haunt her, as a certain Denzelian sorceress casts a Dark Dream over everyone. What is Queen Alice willing to give to save those she loves? Enter a new source of light. The Princess of Algernon is learning that not all adventures are fun and nothing in her life is simple anymore. If she is to survive, she must find and use her own mystic powers-not rely on those of her mother. Teamed up with the Princess is a half-fairy lad, an aspiring bard and a young shepherd with a dark past. But in this world of complex motives and emotions, can they fight off their own demons within? Before his shattering in a battle nearly 15 years earlier, the demon, Ralston Radburn, once said that evil cannot die because of the darkness in everyone's hearts. Could he possibly be right? Everyone is about to find out. 2012-05 time of publication of the book, [-Trafford Publishing-]"

Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Pages : 364 Paper
Genre :
No.ID : OO6zF8c_vFwC
ISBN-10 : 1466935677
ISBN-13 : 9781466935679
Time : 2012-05
Author : Candace N. Coonan
Size : 329 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF


Original Synopsis

"Ash has a total of 600 pages which are papers from writer 'James Herbert'. Ash is James Herbert’s most controversial novel to date, and will make you wonder what is fact and what is fiction. They were miscreants with black souls, roaming the corridors and passageways. Infamous people thought long-deceased. Hiding and nurturing their evil in a basement full of secrets so shocking they would shake the world if they were ever revealed. David Ash, ghost hunter and parapychologist, arrives at Comraich Castle – a desolate, ancient place with a dark heart – to investigate a series of disturbing events. An incorporeal power has been ignited by a long-ago curse, fed and now unleashed by the evil of those who once inhabited this supposed sanctuary – and by some who still do. Yet their hour of retribution is at hand . . . 2012-08-30 time of publication of the book, [-Pan Macmillan-]"

Publisher : Pan Macmillan
Pages : 600 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : jkP0iE5vBCsC
ISBN-10 : 0230764878
ISBN-13 : 9780230764873
Time : 2012-08-30
Author : James Herbert
Size : 886 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Wayfaring Stranger

Original Synopsis

"Wayfaring Stranger has a total of 448 pages which are papers from writer 'James Lee Burke'. In his most ambitious work yet, New York Times bestseller James Lee Burke tells a classic American story through one man's unforgettable life. In 1934, sixteen-year-old Weldon Avery Holland happens upon infamous criminals Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow after one of their notorious armed robberies. A confrontation with the outlaws ends with Weldon firing a gun, unsure whether it hit its mark. Ten years later, Second Lieutenant Weldon Holland barely survives the Battle of the Bulge, in the process saving the lives of his sergeant, Hershel Pine, and a young Spanish prisoner of war, Rosita Lowenstein—a woman who holds the same romantic power over him as the strawberry blonde Bonnie Parker, and is equally mysterious. The three return to Texas where Weldon and Hershel get in on the ground floor of the nascent oil business. In just a few years’ time Weldon will spar with the jackals of the industry, rub shoulders with dangerous men, and win and lose fortunes twice over. But it is the prospect of losing his one true love that will spur his most reckless act yet—one inspired by that encounter long ago with the outlaws of his youth. A tender love story and pulse-pounding thriller, Wayfaring Stranger "is a sprawling historical epic full of courage and loyalty and optimism and good-heartedness that reads like an ode to the American Dream" (Benjamin Percy, Poets & Writers). 2014-07-15 time of publication of the book, [-Simon and Schuster-]"

Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Pages : 448 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1476710813
ISBN-13 : 9781476710815
Time : 2014-07-15
Author : James Lee Burke
Size : 614 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

True Honor

Original Synopsis

"True Honor has a total of 352 pages which are papers from writer 'Dee Henderson'. CIA officer Darcy St. James is after a man who knew that the September 11 attacks would happen. Navy SEAL Sam "Cougar" Houston is busy being deployed around the world chasing after this man. Under the pressure of war St. James and Houston discover the sweetness of love, but their romance might be short lived. 2011-02-17 time of publication of the book, [-Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.-]"

Publisher : Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Pages : 352 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : GJQh45Uo2JIC
ISBN-10 : 9781414355412
ISBN-13 : 1414355416
Time : 2011-02-17
Author : Dee Henderson
Size : 863 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Good Morning Jesus & Holy Spirit

Original Synopsis

"Good Morning Jesus & Holy Spirit has a total of 416 pages which are papers from writer 'Stephen O. Esele'. Jesus Christ is the greatest man who ever walked on earth in a bodily form. He is the greatest teacher humanity ever known. He is the Only Savior of the Human soul. The Holy Spirit is continuing the works of Christ on earth working with and through the believers in Christ to bring salvation to lost souls. Take His Words and apply them for your daily victory. Good Morning Jesus & Holy Spirit devotional book feeds you every morning with a word from Jesus to meditate upon and to inspire you throughout the day. Jesus is the Word according to John 1:1 and a word from him will keep you close to him, thereby strengthening your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit takes the word of Jesus and makes it real and applicable. The Holy Spirit gives us insight, revelation, illumination, and inspiration through the words of Jesus Christ. 2013-11-29 time of publication of the book, [-AuthorHouse-]"

Publisher : AuthorHouse
Pages : 416 Paper
Genre : Religion
ISBN-10 : 1491831685
ISBN-13 : 9781491831687
Time : 2013-11-29
Author : Stephen O. Esele
Size : 376 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB