The Night Market

Original Synopsis

"The Night Market has a total of 304 pages which are papers from writer 'Jonathan Moore'. 'Do you ever think there's maybe something that's gone wrong with the world?' A man is found dead in one of the city's luxury homes. Homicide detective Ross Carver arrives at the scene when six FBI agents burst in and forcibly remove him from the premises. Two days later... Carver wakes in his bed to find Mia a neighbor he's hardly ever spoken to, reading aloud to him. He has no recollection of the crime scene, no memory of how he got home, and no idea that two days have passed. Carver knows nothing about this woman but as he struggles to piece together what happened to him, he soon realizes he's involved himself in a web of conspiracy that spans the nation. And Mia just might know more than she's letting on... 'Moore has a great gift for the macabre and the creepy.' The Times 2018-01-11 time of publication of the book, [-Hachette UK-]"

Publisher : Hachette UK
Pages : 304 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1409159787
ISBN-13 : 9781409159780
Time : 2018-01-11
Author : Jonathan Moore
Size : 842 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Milo and the Night Market

Original Synopsis

"Milo and the Night Market has a total of 32 pages which are papers from writer 'Angela McAllister, Gary Blythe'. Milo always goes to sleep with his beloved Raggy, a toy so old and loved that no one can remember what she is. But one stormy night Raggy gets lost. Milo tries to find her and he finds himself in the night market, the place where strange and wonderful creatures sell the stuff of dreams. 2004 time of publication of the book, [-Puffin-]"

Publisher : Puffin
Pages : 32 Paper
Genre : Children's stories
ISBN-10 : 9780670910663
ISBN-13 : 067091066X
Time : 2004
Author : Angela McAllister, Gary Blythe
Size : 432 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Night Market

Original Synopsis

"Night Market has a total of 278 pages which are papers from writer 'Ryan Bishop, Lillian S. Robinson'. In Thailand, a $4 billion per year tourist industry is the linchpin of the modernization process called the "Thai Economic Miracle". And what is Thailand's main attraction? Sex for hire. Year after year young women are lured to Bangkok to staff the teeming brothels, massage parlors, and sex bars that cater to male tourists from the United States, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, the Gulf States, Malaysia, and Singapore. Developed from Lillian S. Robinson's article in The Nation, Night Market traces the historical, cultural, material, and textual traditions that have combined in unique ways to establish sex tourism as an integral part of the developing Thai economy. It explores international sex tourism from the perspectives of economic-development planning, forced labor market choices, international sexual alienation, and textual traditions that have constructed sexual "Other" cultures in Western imagination. 1998 time of publication of the book, [-Psychology Press-]"

Publisher : Psychology Press
Pages : 278 Paper
Genre : Business & Economics
No.ID : cvmgT4Odr5YC
ISBN-10 : 9780415914291
ISBN-13 : 0415914299
Time : 1998
Author : Ryan Bishop, Lillian S. Robinson
Size : 174 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Night Market

Original Synopsis

"Night Market has a total of 320 pages which are papers from writer 'Daniel Pembrey'. 'A stunning setting and a detective to rival the best in European crime fiction' - David Young, author of Stasi Child When Henk van der Pol is asked by the Justice Minister to infiltrate a team investigating an online child exploitation network, he can hardly say no - he's at the mercy of prominent government figures in The Hague. But he soon realises the case is far more complex than he was led to believe... Picking up from where The Harbour Master ended, this new investigation sees Detective Van der Pol once again put his life on the line as he wades the murky waters between right and wrong in his search for justice. Sometimes, to catch the bad guys, you have to think like one. . . Praise for Daniel Pembrey: 'Compelling and fast-moving [...] The exquisitely drawn Inspector van der Pol battles his way to the truth in a way that his fictional ancestor, Inspector Piet van der Valk, created by Nicolas Freeling, did in the Sixties' - Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail 'Daniel Pembrey writes with great authority and authenticity. The Harbour Master is a compelling, highly believable tale set in the flesh markets of Amsterdam and the even seedier corridors of power beyond them, where it's hard to know who the real criminals really are. You'll keep turning these pages right till the end' - Howard Linskey, author of Behind Dead Eyes 'A splendid setting in what promises to be the start of a great new series' - Ragnar Jonasson, author of the international bestselling Dark Iceland series 'A vivid sense of place and a flawed and believable central character...could herald a great series and career from this new British author' - Maxim Jakubowski, Lovereading 'The Harbour Master is an accomplished novel, sporting a vividly realised sense of locale matched by an adroit evocation of character' - Barry Forshaw, Brit Noir 'The style of writing was so enjoyable...this really is an excellent read' - Sarah Ward, author of A Deadly Thaw 'The Henning Mankell of Amsterdam' - Bill Rogers, author of The Pick, The Spade and The Crow 2017-01-26 time of publication of the book, [-Oldcastle Books Ltd-]"

Publisher : Oldcastle Books Ltd
Pages : 320 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1843449463
ISBN-13 : 9781843449461
Time : 2017-01-26
Author : Daniel Pembrey
Size : 462 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Original Synopsis

"Meaning, Disorder and the Political Economy of Night Markets in Taiwan has a total of 548 pages which are papers from writer 'Shuenn-der Yu'. 1995 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 548 Paper
Genre :
No.ID : wKhNqdcghf0C
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UCAL:X55759
Time : 1995
Author : Shuenn-der Yu
Size : 727 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Night + Market

Original Synopsis

"Night + Market has a total of 320 pages which are papers from writer 'Kris Yenbamroong, Garrett Snyder'. If you love to eat Thai food, but don’t know how to cook it, Kris Yenbamroong wants to solve your problems. His brash style of spicy, sharp Thai party food is created, in part, by stripping down traditional recipes to wring maximum flavor out of minimum hassle. Whether it’s a scorching hot crispy rice salad, lush coconut curries, or a wok-seared pad Thai, it’s all about demystifying the universe of Thai flavors to make them work in your life. Kris is the chef of Night + Market, and this cookbook is the story of his journey from the Thai-American restaurant classics he grew eating at his family’s restaurant, to the rural cooking of Northern Thailand he fell for traveling the countryside. But it’s also a story about how he came to question what authenticity really means, and how his passion for grilled meats, fried chicken, tacos, sushi, wine and good living morphed into an L.A. Thai restaurant with a style all its own. 2017-10-03 time of publication of the book, [-Clarkson Potter-]"

Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Pages : 320 Paper
Genre : Cooking
ISBN-10 : 0451497880
ISBN-13 : 9780451497888
Time : 2017-10-03
Author : Kris Yenbamroong, Garrett Snyder
Size : 169 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Original Synopsis

"A Critical Review on the Failure Or Success of the Night Market at Jonkee Street After Ten Years of Its Existence has a total of 75 pages which are papers from writer 'Nadia Ab. Wahid'. 2012 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 75 Paper
Genre : Markets
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : OCLC:960265248
Time : 2012
Author : Nadia Ab. Wahid
Size : 335 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Vignettes of Taiwan

Original Synopsis

"Vignettes of Taiwan has a total of 155 pages which are papers from writer 'Joshua Samuel Brown'. When Joshua Samuel Brown first stepped out of the passenger terminal at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taiwan, he was a stranger in a humid land with insufficient funds, zero job prospects and an over-packed suitcase. Like much else in his life up to that point, his decision to move to Taiwan was based largely on random occurrence and cosmic coincidence. He was twenty-four years old, thousands of miles away from home, and at that moment the happiest man alive. This anthology of short stories, travel essays, photographs, random meditations, and political meanderings grew out of his years on the island formerly known as Formosa. 2006-04-01 time of publication of the book, [-ThingsAsian Press-]"

Publisher : ThingsAsian Press
Pages : 155 Paper
Genre : Travel
No.ID : 476GJKyl7NYC
ISBN-10 : 9780971594081
ISBN-13 : 0971594082
Time : 2006-04-01
Author : Joshua Samuel Brown
Size : 913 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Original Synopsis

"The Attractiveness of Tourist Night Markets in Taiwan – a Supply-side View has a total of pages which are papers from writer ''. TitleAbstract/titlePurpose– The aim of this study is to explore the attractiveness of tourist night markets by looking at the dual nature of retail service and tourism from a supply-side perspective.Design/methodology/approach– The authors conducted field observations to understand the offerings at night markets and used content analysis to explore the attributes of vendors who operate there.Findings– The research reveals that the attractiveness of night markets derives from the diversity of service contents and local food, affordable consumption (the lowest unit prices, with products under US$3.3 comprising approximately 70 per cent of those offered), temple festivals and the various service attributes of vendors. These night market features generate physical perceptions and personnel perceptions among tourists. Vendor service attributes include performance, empathy, responsiveness and courtesy. Unique and interesting performances comprise a special attribute of night markets that differ from other service industries.Practical implications– The results provide information on how tourism officials can promote night markets as tourist destinations and what kinds of vendor service attributes please tourists the most.Originality/value– This study expands on the literature that discusses perceptual attributes to tourist street markets by exploring the service contents of these markets and by identifying the service attributes of vendors. 2014 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : OCLC:1014416178
Time : 2014
Author :
Size : 751 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB


Original Synopsis

"Spellbound has a total of 416 pages which are papers from writer 'Blake Charlton'. In a world where one's magical prowess is determined by one's skill with words and ability to spell, Nicodemus is a wizardly apprentice afflicted by a curse that causes him to misspell magical texts. Now, the demon who cursed him has hatched a conspiracy to force Nicodemus to change language and ultimately use it to destroy all human life. As Nico tries to thwart the demon's plan, he faces challenges from all sides. But his biggest challenge is his own disability, which causes him to create chaos wherever he goes. And the chaos surrounding Nico is affecting the world so profoundly that the kingdom to which he has fled to gather strength is on the brink of civil war, and he suspects that his closest allies-even Francesca, whom he loves more than life itself-may be subject to the demon's vast powers. As Nico tries to forestall the apocalypse, he realizes that he doesn't know if he can fully trust anyone, not even the woman he loves. And if he makes one wrong move, not only will his life be forfeit, he may end up destroying all mortal life as well.Introducing new twists to the unique magical system of Spellwright, and exploring issues that will bring readers a deeper appreciation of a fascinating world, Spellbound is sure to please Blake Charlton's fans and increase their number. Spellbound is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Science Fiction & Fantasy title. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. 2011-09-13 time of publication of the book, [-Tor Books-]"

Publisher : Tor Books
Pages : 416 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : UGJpcEJ7-0EC
ISBN-10 : 1429949880
ISBN-13 : 9781429949880
Time : 2011-09-13
Author : Blake Charlton
Size : 791 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Night Markets

Original Synopsis

"Night Markets has a total of 48 pages which are papers from writer 'General Books LLC'. 2010-09 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 48 Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 9781158137459
ISBN-13 : 1158137451
Time : 2010-09
Author : General Books LLC
Size : 833 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Hong Kong, China

Original Synopsis

"Hong Kong, China has a total of 369 pages which are papers from writer 'Ralph Arnote'. 1997: Hong Kong, China. No longer a prize of British colonialism, Hong Kong will enter a new realm of history as China reclaims what she sees as her most wayward child. No one knows what this change will bring. Will this become a new era of peace and prosperity for the city, uniting the people with a common goal and vision, all working for the glory of China? Or will this mean the destruction of Hong Kong's way of life, a withdrawal of all the liberties enjoyed by the island's residents by a mainland government that views all trade as state secrets and the press as an enemy of the People's Republic? Change can bring joy--but more often it brings fear. Among the varied individuals confronting this historic change: Brandon Poole: One of Hong Kong's richest industrialists, he is a British aristocrat whose family helped colonize the city and whose love for it will keep him there...perhaps long past the time of safety. Lacy Lock: A New York investment banker who comes to Hong Kong to make her mark and winds up with much more than she ever bargained for. Cloud Van Hooten: A Dutch businessman hungry for success, whose dreams have drawn him to this city and whose love for one woman may doom them both. Moia Hsu: A beautiful Chinese intellectual with ties to Beijing, whose love for Van Hooten and her country are tearing her apart. These four people--and all the teeming masses of this wondrous place--will face the destiny of Hong Kong together. And the question all will seek the answer to is...Will the dragon destroy it's most precious treasure? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied. 1996-08-15 time of publication of the book, [-Forge Books-]"

Publisher : Forge Books
Pages : 369 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : 9lvXp2bDaqkC
ISBN-10 : 1466801697
ISBN-13 : 9781466801691
Time : 1996-08-15
Author : Ralph Arnote
Size : 193 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Food Traveler's Handbook

Original Synopsis

"The Food Traveler's Handbook has a total of 132 pages which are papers from writer 'Jodi Ettenberg'. Part of the Traveler's Handbook series, The Food Traveler's Handbook provides a compelling argument for why it is important to use food as a lens through which you see the world. Using this handbook as a guide, you will learn how to eat safely in developing countries, source cheap but delicious streetside meals and discover how to make food a tool for understanding a new place and connecting to its local culture. 2012 time of publication of the book, [-Jodi Ettenberg-]"

Publisher : Jodi Ettenberg
Pages : 132 Paper
Genre : Food habits
No.ID : 78YwZ_SbbsUC
ISBN-10 : 0987706160
ISBN-13 : 9780987706164
Time : 2012
Author : Jodi Ettenberg
Size : 761 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Year of Eating Dangerously

Original Synopsis

"The Year of Eating Dangerously has a total of 400 pages which are papers from writer 'Tom Parker Bowles'. Fugu. Dog. Cobra. Bees. Spleen. A 600,000 SCU chili pepper. All considered foods by millions of people around the world. And all objects of great fascination to Tom Parker Bowles, a food journalist who grew up eating his mother's considerably safer roast chicken, shepherd's pie and mushy peas. Intrigued by the food phobias of two friends, Parker Bowles became inspired to examine the cultural divides that make some foods verboten or "dangerous" in the culture he grew up with while being seen as lip-smacking delicacies in others. So began a year-long odyssey through Asia, Europe and America in search of the world's most thrilling, terrifying and odd foods. Parker Bowles is always witty and sometimes downright hilarious in recounting his quest for envelope-pushing meals, ranging from the potentially lethal to the outright disgusting to the merely gluttonous—and he proves in this book that an open mouth and an open mind are the only passports a man needs to truly discover the world. 2013-08-20 time of publication of the book, [-St. Martin's Press-]"

Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Pages : 400 Paper
Genre : Cooking
ISBN-10 : 1466852135
ISBN-13 : 9781466852136
Time : 2013-08-20
Author : Tom Parker Bowles
Size : 399 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Travelers' Tales Thailand

Original Synopsis

"Travelers' Tales Thailand has a total of 488 pages which are papers from writer 'James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger'. Winner of the Lowell Thomas Award for Best Travel Book, this newly designed collection paints a unique portrait of a complex and captivating land. One contributor lives as a monk for a month, gaining an inside look at monastic life. Another discovers Bangkok’s riverine pleasures, a world away from its car-choked streets. Yet another finds refuge as the houseguest of an isolated tribesman. Through these engaging personal stories, readers witness how Thailand satisfies just about any traveler’s hunger for the exotic, the beautiful, the thrillingly different. Writers include Pico Iyer, Norman Lewis, Diane Summers, Simon Winchester, Ian Buruma, Thalia Zepatos, and Tim Ward. “The breadth and color of the collective portrait [the contributors] provide of Thailand is remarkable.” — Los Angeles Times 2009-11-01 time of publication of the book, [-Travelers' Tales-]"

Publisher : Travelers' Tales
Pages : 488 Paper
Genre : Travel
ISBN-10 : 1932361804
ISBN-13 : 9781932361803
Time : 2009-11-01
Author : James O'Reilly, Larry Habegger
Size : 456 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand

Original Synopsis

"Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand has a total of 184 pages which are papers from writer 'Elayne Clift'. This lively collection of vignettes, pithy essays, profiles, humorous anecdotes and travel tales shares the experience of a seasoned American writer, traveler, and teacher who spent a year as a guest lecturer at a university in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It offers an entertaining and enlightening read for anyone who loves exploring other countries and cultures. A gem of a travel memoir! 2017-03-09 time of publication of the book, [-Booksmango-]"

Publisher : Booksmango
Pages : 184 Paper
Genre : Travel
No.ID : K2gaZcnWrCQC
ISBN-10 : 6167270511
ISBN-13 : 9786167270517
Time : 2017-03-09
Author : Elayne Clift
Size : 535 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Lucky Rice

Original Synopsis

"Lucky Rice has a total of 224 pages which are papers from writer 'Danielle Chang'. O, The Oprah Magazine's Cookbook of the Month Yahoo! Food's Cookbook of the Week In Lucky Rice, Danielle Chang, founder of the festival of the same name—which brings night markets, grand feasts, and dumpling-making sessions to America's biggest cities—feeds our obsession for innovative Asian cuisine through 100 recipes inspired by a range of cultures. Here, comfort foods marry ancient traditions with simple techniques and fresh flavors—and include a few new classics as well: chicken wings marinated in hot Sichuan seasonings; sweet Vietnamese coffee frozen into pops; and one-hour homemade kimchi that transforms pancakes, tacos, and even Bloody Marys. With a foreword by Lisa Ling, this lushly photographed cookbook brings the fun and flavors of modern Asian cooking to your kitchen. From the Hardcover edition. 2016-01-26 time of publication of the book, [-Clarkson Potter-]"

Publisher : Clarkson Potter
Pages : 224 Paper
Genre : Cooking
ISBN-10 : 0804186693
ISBN-13 : 9780804186698
Time : 2016-01-26
Author : Danielle Chang
Size : 698 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Urge, Volume 2

Original Synopsis

"The Urge, Volume 2 has a total of 174 pages which are papers from writer 'Frans Welman'. The URGE is a philosophical tale on progress and anxiety between two men and their women who live in high gear financially and human rights; set in Amsterdam and Bangkok the son of the financier rebels and starts a journey with his controversial friend to change matters on course; the path to their goal is well laid out and astonishes everyone though they do not know that these two young men are the founders of the ORG. The URGE shows determination instead of salon high level academic talk; the driving force coming from conviction and zest for life. Volume One sets the psychological background and the connection with Asia; Volume Two is set in Thailand. 2017-03-09 time of publication of the book, [-Booksmango-]"

Publisher : Booksmango
Pages : 174 Paper
Genre : Political Science
No.ID : R2Spg04GwFMC
ISBN-10 : 6162220877
ISBN-13 : 9786162220876
Time : 2017-03-09
Author : Frans Welman
Size : 224 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Thief-Taker's Apprentice

Original Synopsis

"The Thief-Taker's Apprentice has a total of 320 pages which are papers from writer 'Stephen Deas'. Berren has lived in the city all his life. He has made his way as a thief, paying a little of what he earns to the Fagin like master of their band. But there is a twist to this tale of a thief. One day Berren goes to watch an execution of three thieves. He watches as the thief-taker takes his reward and decides to try and steal the prize. He fails. The young thief is taken. But the thief-taker spots something in Berren. And the boy reminds him of someone as well. Berren becomes his apprentice. And is introduced to a world of shadows, deceit and corruption behind the streets he thought he knew. Full of richly observed life in a teeming fantasy city, a hectic progression of fights, flights and fancies and charting the fall of a boy into the dark world of political plotting and murder this marks the beginning of a new fantasy series for all lovers of fantasy - from fans of Kristin Cashore to Brent Weeks. 2010-08-26 time of publication of the book, [-Hachette UK-]"

Publisher : Hachette UK
Pages : 320 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : qHLtiStM_jMC
ISBN-10 : 0575094508
ISBN-13 : 9780575094505
Time : 2010-08-26
Author : Stephen Deas
Size : 697 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

A Hore in China

Original Synopsis

"A Hore in China has a total of 264 pages which are papers from writer 'Jeanie Hore'. In 2003 I was given the opportunity to go to China to teach English. I had a contract for one year. I realized that life in China was more interesting than anything I had experienced before so I stayed. This book contains many antidotes and stories about what happened to me, around me and in China generally. This is a first-hand view of everyday life in China. 2013-02-05 time of publication of the book, [-Xlibris Corporation-]"

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Pages : 264 Paper
Genre : Travel
No.ID : Ig81AmYf5wYC
ISBN-10 : 1479744247
ISBN-13 : 9781479744244
Time : 2013-02-05
Author : Jeanie Hore
Size : 472 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Under the Black Umbrella

Original Synopsis

"Under the Black Umbrella has a total of 192 pages which are papers from writer 'Hildi Kang'. In the rich and varied life stories in Under the Black Umbrella, elderly Koreans recall incidents that illustrate the complexities of Korea during the colonial period. Hildi Kang here reinvigorates a period of Korean history long shrouded in the silence of those who endured under the "black umbrella" of Japanese colonial rule. Existing descriptions of the colonial period tend to focus on extremes: imperial repression and national resistance, Japanese subjugation and Korean suffering, Korean backwardness and Japanese progress. "Most people," Kang says, "have read or heard only the horror stories which, although true, tell only a small segment of colonial life." The varied accounts in Under the Black Umbrella reveal a truth that is both more ambiguous and more human—the small-scale, mundane realities of life in colonial Korea. Accessible and attractive narratives, linked by brief historical overviews, provide a large and fully textured view of Korea under Japanese rule. Looking past racial hatred and repression, Kang reveals small acts of resistance carried out by Koreans, as well as gestures of fairness by Japanese colonizers. Impressive for the history it recovers and preserves, Under the Black Umbrella is a candid, human account of a complicated time in a contested place. 2013-09-30 time of publication of the book, [-Cornell University Press-]"

Publisher : Cornell University Press
Pages : 192 Paper
Genre : History
ISBN-10 : 0801470153
ISBN-13 : 9780801470158
Time : 2013-09-30
Author : Hildi Kang
Size : 812 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB