Strangers in Budapest

Original Synopsis

"Strangers in Budapest has a total of 352 pages which are papers from writer 'Jessica Keener'. “Jessica Keener has written a gorgeous, lyrical, and sweeping novel about the tangled web of past and present. Suspenseful, perceptive, fast-paced, and ultimately restorative.” —Susan Henderson, author of Up from the Blue Budapest: gorgeous city of secrets, with ties to a shadowy, bloody past. It is to this enigmatic European capital that a young American couple, Annie and Will, move from Boston with their infant son shortly after the fall of the Communist regime. For Annie, it is an effort to escape the ghosts that haunt her past, and Will wants simply to seize the chance to build a new future for his family. Eight months after their move, their efforts to assimilate are thrown into turmoil when they receive a message from friends in the US asking that they check up on an elderly man, a fiercely independent Jewish American WWII veteran who helped free Hungarian Jews from a Nazi prison camp. They soon learn that the man, Edward Weiss, has come to Hungary to exact revenge on someone he is convinced seduced, married, and then murdered his daughter. Annie, unable to resist anyone’s call for help, recklessly joins in the old man’s plan to track down his former son-in-law and confront him, while Will, pragmatic and cautious by nature, insists they have nothing to do with Weiss and his vendetta. What Annie does not anticipate is that in helping Edward she will become enmeshed in a dark and deadly conflict that will end in tragedy and a stunning loss of innocence. Atmospheric and surprising, Strangers in Budapest is, as bestselling novelist Caroline Leavitt says, a “dazzlingly original tale about home, loss, and the persistence of love.” 2017-11-14 time of publication of the book, [-Algonquin Books-]"

Publisher : Algonquin Books
Pages : 352 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 161620768X
ISBN-13 : 9781616207687
Time : 2017-11-14
Author : Jessica Keener
Size : 597 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Algonquin Reader

Original Synopsis

"The Algonquin Reader has a total of 60 pages which are papers from writer 'Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill'. Get an inside look at Algonquin’s outstanding forthcoming fiction with the Fall 2017 Algonquin Reader. Discover the inspiration behind each book through an original essay by the author. Then enjoy a preview of each novel. The books featured in this issue are: Young Jane Young by Gabrielle Zevin On Sale August 2017 The Floating World by C. Morgan Babst On Sale October 2017 Woman at 1,000 Degrees by Hallgrímur Helgason On Sale January 2018 An American Marriage by Tayari Jones On Sale February 2018 Shadow of the Lions by Christopher Swann On Sale August 2017 Strangers in Budapest by Jessica Keener On Sale November 2017 Savage Country by Robert Olmstead On Sale September 2017 Cover illustration by Nate Williams. 2017-05-09 time of publication of the book, [-Algonquin Books-]"

Publisher : Algonquin Books
Pages : 60 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1616207965
ISBN-13 : 9781616207960
Time : 2017-05-09
Author : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill
Size : 439 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Budapest and New York

Original Synopsis

"Budapest and New York has a total of 416 pages which are papers from writer 'Thomas Bender, Carle E. Schorske'. Little over a century ago, New York and Budapest were both flourishing cities engaging in spectacular modernization. By 1930, New York had emerged as an innovating cosmopolitan metropolis, while Budapest languished under the conditions that would foster fascism. Budapest and New York explores the increasingly divergent trajectories of these once-similar cities through the perspectives of both Hungarian and American experts in the fields of political, cultural, social and art history. Their original essays illuminate key aspects of urban life that most reveal the turn-of-the-century evolution of New York and Budapest: democratic participation, use of public space, neighborhood ethnicity, and culture high and low. What comes across most strikingly in these essays is New York's cultivation of social and political pluralism, a trend not found in Budapest. Nationalist ideology exerted tremendous pressure on Budapest's ethnic groups to assimilate to a single Hungarian language and culture. In contrast, New York's ethnic diversity was transmitted through a mass culture that celebrated ethnicity while muting distinct ethnic traditions, making them accessible to a national audience. While Budapest succumbed to the patriotic imperatives of a nation threatened by war, revolution, and fascism, New York, free from such pressures, embraced the variety of its people and transformed its urban ethos into a paradigm for America. Budapest and New York is the lively story of the making of metropolitan culture in Europe and America, and of the influential relationship between city and nation. In unifying essays, the editors observe comparisons not only between the cities, but in the scholarly outlooks and methodologies of Hungarian and American histories. This volume is a unique urban history. Begun under the unfavorable conditions of a divided world, it represents a breakthrough in cross-cultural, transnational, and interdisciplinary historical work. 1994-01-13 time of publication of the book, [-Russell Sage Foundation-]"

Publisher : Russell Sage Foundation
Pages : 416 Paper
Genre : Political Science
No.ID : tee8rG-JKugC
ISBN-10 : 9781610440400
ISBN-13 : 1610440404
Time : 1994-01-13
Author : Thomas Bender, Carle E. Schorske
Size : 289 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Extravagant Strangers

Original Synopsis

"Extravagant Strangers has a total of 336 pages which are papers from writer 'Caryl Phillips'. Shakespeare called Othello "an extravagant and wheeling strangers/Of here and every where." In this exciting anthology, Caryl Phillips has collected writings by thirty-nine extravagant strangers: British writers who were born outside of Britain and see it with clear and critical eyes. These eloquent and incisive voices prove that English literature, far from being pure or homogenous, has in fact been shaped and influenced by outsiders for over two hundred years. Here are slave writers, such as Ignatius Sancho, an eighteenth-century African who became a friend to Samuel Jonson and Laurence Sterne; writers born in the colonies, such as Thackeray, Kipling, and Orwell; "subject writers," such as C.L.R. James and V.S. Naipaul, foreign émigrés, such as Joseph Conrad and Kazuo Ishiguro; and postcolonial observers of the British scene, such as Salman Rushdie, Ben Okri, and Anita Desai. With this eloquent and often inspiring collection, Phillips proves, if proof be needed, that the greatest literature is often born out of irreconcilable tensions between a writer and his or her society. 2010-05-05 time of publication of the book, [-Vintage-]"

Publisher : Vintage
Pages : 336 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : Vis9j-ov7c8C
ISBN-10 : 0307484505
ISBN-13 : 9780307484505
Time : 2010-05-05
Author : Caryl Phillips
Size : 295 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Map That Leads to You

Original Synopsis

"The Map That Leads to You has a total of 400 pages which are papers from writer 'J.P. Monninger'. “Romantic and unforgettable.” —Nicholas Sparks Two strangers take the road less traveled... Heather Mulgrew’s world is already mapped out: she is going to travel abroad with her friends after college, come back to a great career in September, and head into a life where not much is left to chance. But that was before an encounter on an overnight train introduces her to Jack, a passionate adventurer who changes the course of her journey and her life. Throwing Heather's careful itinerary to the wind, they follow Jack's grandfather's journal through post-World War II era Europe: Vienna, Budapest, Turkey—exotic places that serve only to heighten their feelings. As September looms, Jack urges Heather to stay with him, to keep traveling, to give in to the romance of their experience; Heather convinces him to return to the United States. Jack has a secret that could change everything. And Heather’s world is about to be shaken to the core. J.P. Monniger's The Map That Leads to You is a breathtaking novel about love, loss, and the best-laid plans that are meant to be broken. 2017-06-13 time of publication of the book, [-St. Martin's Press-]"

Publisher : St. Martin's Press
Pages : 400 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 146686656X
ISBN-13 : 9781466866560
Time : 2017-06-13
Author : J.P. Monninger
Size : 465 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Budapest Diary

Original Synopsis

"Budapest Diary has a total of 232 pages which are papers from writer 'Susan Rubin Suleiman'. In 1993, after the fall of communism and the death of her mother, Suleiman returned to Budapest for a six-month stay. She recounts her ongoing quest for personal history, interweaving it with the stories of present-day Hungarians struggling to make sense of the changes in their individual and collective lives. Suleiman's search for documents relating to her childhood, the lives of her parents and their families, and the Jewish communities of Hungary and Poland takes her on a series of fascinating journeys within and outside Budapest. 1999-04-01 time of publication of the book, [-U of Nebraska Press-]"

Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
Pages : 232 Paper
Genre : Literary Criticism
No.ID : Ydoj8yWuYcEC
ISBN-10 : 9780803292611
ISBN-13 : 0803292619
Time : 1999-04-01
Author : Susan Rubin Suleiman
Size : 837 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Continental Strangers

Original Synopsis

"Continental Strangers has a total of 296 pages which are papers from writer 'Gerd Gemünden'. Hundreds of German-speaking film professionals took refuge in Hollywood during the 1930s and 1940s, making a lasting contribution to American cinema. Hailing from Austria, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and the Ukraine, as well as Germany, and including Ernst Lubitsch, Fred Zinnemann, Billy Wilder, and Fritz Lang, these multicultural, multilingual writers and directors betrayed distinct cultural sensibilities in their art. Gerd Gemünden focuses on Edgar G. Ulmer's The Black Cat (1934), William Dieterle's The Life of Emile Zola (1937), Ernst Lubitsch's To Be or Not to Be (1942), Bertold Brecht and Fritz Lang's Hangmen Also Die (1943), Fred Zinneman's Act of Violence (1948), and Peter Lorre's Der Verlorene (1951), engaging with issues of realism, auteurism, and genre while tracing the relationship between film and history, Hollywood politics and censorship, and exile and (re)migration. 2014-02-18 time of publication of the book, [-Columbia University Press-]"

Publisher : Columbia University Press
Pages : 296 Paper
Genre : History
ISBN-10 : 0231536526
ISBN-13 : 9780231536523
Time : 2014-02-18
Author : Gerd Gemünden
Size : 918 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Original Synopsis

"The New York Times Book Review has a total of pages which are papers from writer ''. 1988-01 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : Paper
Genre : Books
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : IND:30000114373255
Time : 1988-01
Author :
Size : 657 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The stranger's view

Original Synopsis

"The stranger's view has a total of 222 pages which are papers from writer 'David Pryce-Jones'. 1967 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 222 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015000606155
Time : 1967
Author : David Pryce-Jones
Size : 729 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Our Story

Original Synopsis

"Our Story has a total of 196 pages which are papers from writer 'Dalma Pálóczi Horváth Takács'. The story of this family takes the reader through two hundred years of turbulent history and daily living. One member of the clan was Plczi Horvth dm, a staunch Hungarian patriot, collector of Hungarian folk songs at the turn of the 18th century, who believed that women should be entitled to an equal education with men, to the right to hold office and to have representatives in Parliament. His contemporary, Dukai Takch Judit was one of the first Hungarian female poets. Other illustrious members included writers, a diplomat, a state minister, and a mathematician. One fought in the Hungarian Revolution of 1848. Several died in the two world wars; many lived through the dismemberment of Hungary after World War I. The next generation made it through World War II, the Nazi occupation of the country, the Communist takeover of Eastern Europe, and the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Many are still living in Hungary; others have left the country to seek better lives in England and America. Their personal stories bring alive the realities of life behind the headlines of history. The story of the family in the 20th century is told through the portraits of seven family members, spanning three generations. Plczi Horvth Lajos (author Dalmas father) was a writer, collector of folk songs (like dm) and champion of the rights of the peasants and industrial workers. He was a man of cosmopolitan education who spoke nine languages, but had a fierce loyalty to his country. He saw both Nazi Germany and Soviet Communism as equally dangerous to Hungary. After the Communist takeover of Hungary he was arrested on trumped up charges of subversion and served five years in prison. The freedom fighters of 1956 released him, but he did not leave his country even after the ruthless suppression of the 1956 Revolution. Hevesi Halsz Laura, wife of Plczi Horvth Lajos and Dalmas mother, was born in the southern part of pre-World War I Hungary, an area assigned to Romania by the Treaty of Trianon. After World War I her widowed mother took the children to live in what was left of Hungary, and Laura lived through the privations and economic chaos caused by the dismemberment of the country. She was loyal to her husband, but in love with another man, Dlnoki Veress Lszl, a Hungarian diplomat. During World War II Veress was charged by Hungarys Prime Minister to negotiate Hungarys surrender to the Allies. His portrait reveals the bittersweet complexities of this love triangle and its place in European history. Dalmas story shows how her life was shaped by these strong personalities and by the joys and cruelties of life in 20th century Europe and America. Together with her parents she made it through World War II and the siege of Budapest. For a month their house was in no mans land between the Russian and the German front lines. But the most traumatic part of the experience was the Russian occupation: for six weeks their home was an army hospital; the soldiers were the masters and the tenants were slaves obliged to obey their commands. Yet she also had the chance to learn much about the Soviet army because her father was the interpreter. In the years after 1945 hopes of a free country governed by free elections gradually faded. By 1947 the Communists were in control, arresting and imprisoning their opponents. Laura made the wrenching decision to leave Hungary with her daughter, and join Veress Lszl, whom she later married. Dalmas story takes her through the challenges of starting a new life in England in the aftermath of World War II, preparing for exams, helping out at home while her mother and stepfather tried to make a living, and dreading news from Hungary where the Communists were gradually stifling all forms of freedom. She was 15 when she arrived in England. Seven years later she had a B.A. degree and teaching English in an English grammar school. But her challenges continued. After her marriage to Takc 2007-11-27 time of publication of the book, [-Xlibris Corporation-]"

Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Pages : 196 Paper
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN-10 : 1469123215
ISBN-13 : 9781469123219
Time : 2007-11-27
Author : Dalma Pálóczi Horváth Takács
Size : 756 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Books from Hungary

Original Synopsis

"Books from Hungary has a total of pages which are papers from writer ''. 1968 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : Paper
Genre : Book industries and trade
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : MINN:31951002200253I
Time : 1968
Author :
Size : 565 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

True Confections

Original Synopsis

"True Confections has a total of 288 pages which are papers from writer 'Katharine Weber'. Take chocolate candy, add a family business at war with itself, and stir with an outsider’s perspective. This is the recipe for True Confections, the irresistible new novel by Katharine Weber, a writer whose work has won accolades from Iris Murdoch, Madeleine L’Engle, Wally Lamb, and Kate Atkinson, to name a few. Alice Tatnall Ziplinsky’s marriage into the Ziplinsky family has not been unanimously celebrated. Her greatest ambition is to belong, to feel truly entitled to the heritage she has tried so hard to earn. Which is why Zip’s Candies is much more to her than just a candy factory, where she has worked for most of her life. In True Confections, Alice has her reasons for telling the multigenerational saga of the family-owned-and-operated candy company, now in crisis. Nobody is more devoted than Alice to delving into the truth of Zip’s history, starting with the rags-to-riches story of how Hungarian immigrant Eli Czaplinsky developed his famous candy lines, and how each of his candies, from Little Sammies to Mumbo Jumbos, was inspired by an element in a stolen library copy of Little Black Sambo, from which he taught himself English. Within Alice’s vivid and persuasive account (is her unreliability a tactic or a condition?) are the stories of a runaway slave from the cacao plantations of Côte d’Ivoire and the Third Reich’s failed plan to establish a colony on Madagascar for European Jews. Richly informed, deeply moving, and spiked with Weber’s trademark wit, True Confections is, at its heart, a timeless and universal story of love, betrayal, and chocolate. From the Hardcover edition. 2009-12-29 time of publication of the book, [-Crown-]"

Publisher : Crown
Pages : 288 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : YdQcPyJupiYC
ISBN-10 : 9780307462558
ISBN-13 : 0307462552
Time : 2009-12-29
Author : Katharine Weber
Size : 778 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Time of the Uprooted

Original Synopsis

"The Time of the Uprooted has a total of 320 pages which are papers from writer 'Elie Wiesel'. Gamaliel Friedman is only a child when his family flees Czechoslovakia in 1939 for the relative safety of Hungary. For him, it will be the beginning of a life of rootlessness, disguise, and longing. Five years later, in desperation, Gamaliel’s parents entrust him to a young Christian cabaret singer named Ilonka. With his Jewish identity hidden, Gamaliel survives the war. But in 1956, to escape the stranglehold of communism, he leaves Budapest after painfully parting from Ilonka. Gamaliel tries, unsuccessfully, to find a place for himself in Europe. After a failed marriage, he moves to New York, where he works as a ghostwriter, living through the lives of others. Eventually he falls in with a group of exiles, including a rabbi––a mystic whose belief in the potential for grace in everyday life powerfully counters Gamaliel’s feelings of loss and dispossession. When Gamaliel is asked to help draw out an elderly, disfigured Hungarian woman who may be his beloved Ilonka, he begins to understand that a real life in the present is possible only if he will reconcile with his past. From the Trade Paperback edition. 2007-12-18 time of publication of the book, [-Schocken-]"

Publisher : Schocken
Pages : 320 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : wvkzMP_n7pYC
ISBN-10 : 0307429466
ISBN-13 : 9780307429469
Time : 2007-12-18
Author : Elie Wiesel
Size : 274 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The strangers all are gone

Original Synopsis

"The strangers all are gone has a total of 208 pages which are papers from writer 'Anthony Powell'. The fourth and final volume of Powell's memoirs opens in 1952 and includes his term as Literary Editor of "Punch," completion of the monumental "A Dance to the Music of Time," and a gallery of pointed, perceptive portraits of Powell's contemporaries 1983 time of publication of the book, [-Henry Holt & Co-]"

Publisher : Henry Holt & Co
Pages : 208 Paper
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UCAL:B3476936
Time : 1983
Author : Anthony Powell
Size : 336 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Fresh Air Fiend

Original Synopsis

"Fresh Air Fiend has a total of 466 pages which are papers from writer 'Paul Theroux'. The travel writer shares his essays on a host of his favorite destinations, including Hong Kong, Maine, Africa, and the Pacific islands. 2001 time of publication of the book, [-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt-]"

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Pages : 466 Paper
Genre : Travel
No.ID : SqQKBYbI4-8C
ISBN-10 : 9780618126934
ISBN-13 : 0618126937
Time : 2001
Author : Paul Theroux
Size : 153 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Year Zero

Original Synopsis

"Year Zero has a total of 300 pages which are papers from writer 'Ian Buruma'. Many books have been written, and continue to be written, about the Second World War: military histories, histories of the Holocaust, the war in Asia, or collaboration and resistance in Europe. Few books have taken a close look at the immediate aftermath of the worldwide catastrophe. Drawing on hundreds of eye-witness accounts and personal stories, this sweeping book examines the seven months (in Europe) and four months (in Asia) that followed the surrender of the Axis powers, from the fate of Holocaust survivors liberated from the concentration camps, and the formation of the state of Israel, to the incipient civil war in China, and the allied occupation of Japan. It was a time when terrible revenge was taken on collaborators and their former masters; of ubiquitous black markets, war crime tribunals; and the servicing of millions of occupation troops, former foes in some places, liberators in others. But Year Zero is not just a story of vengeance. It was also a new beginning, of democratic restorations in Japan and West Germany, of social democracy in Britain and of a new world order under the United Nations. If construction follows destruction, Year Zero describes that extraordinary moment in between, when people faced the wreckage, full of despair, as well as great hope. An old world had been destroyed; a new one was yet to be built. 2013-10-03 time of publication of the book, [-Atlantic Books Ltd-]"

Publisher : Atlantic Books Ltd
Pages : 300 Paper
Genre : History
ISBN-10 : 1782392084
ISBN-13 : 9781782392088
Time : 2013-10-03
Author : Ian Buruma
Size : 638 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Hungarian Book Review

Original Synopsis

"Hungarian Book Review has a total of pages which are papers from writer ''. 1976 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : Paper
Genre : Hungary
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : STANFORD:36105015651354
Time : 1976
Author :
Size : 352 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Budapest Romance

Original Synopsis

"Budapest Romance has a total of 266 pages which are papers from writer 'Rozsa Gaston'. When Kati Dunai travels to Budapest to settle her father's estate, the last thing on her mind is the pursuit of pleasure. She's a busy international conference planner, her life rooted in Manhattan. But from the moment she sets foot in the city of her father's youth, it's pleasure that pursues her. At the thermal bath spa hotel where she's staying, she meets a Dutchman who reminds her of Bela Dunai, her Hungarian refugee father, who fled his homeland shortly after its 1956 revolution. Jan Klassen is in Budapest to mend from a motorcycle accident. His scars have healed on the outside, but inside, he cannot forgive himself for the consequences his son now lives with forever. Jan has never met a woman like Kati before. Her blend of New England restraint with gypsy spirit captivates him. While Jan introduces Kati to Budapest's leisurely pace of life, Kati introduces Jan to her own leisurely pace of sensual exploration as their attraction to each other grows over six magical days. When Kati returns to New York, their relationship continues. But it's not just an ocean that separates them. Kati's corporate job with frequent travel is the antithesis of the slow-paced pleasures she enjoyed in her father's favorite city. Which will Kati put first-her new career or her new love; a man who reminds her of the father she never fully understood? And is it the Hungarian pleasure-loving side of herself that she really needs to understand before she can offer her heart to the man who has awakened her to who she truly is?" 2014-11-26 time of publication of the book, [-CreateSpace-]"

Publisher : CreateSpace
Pages : 266 Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 9781480140639
ISBN-13 : 1480140635
Time : 2014-11-26
Author : Rozsa Gaston
Size : 955 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

Original Synopsis

"Before Sunrise & Before Sunset has a total of 224 pages which are papers from writer 'Richard Linklater'. In one volume, the screenplays to two contemporary classics, directed by Richard Linklater, and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, about the immediate and life-altering attraction between two strangers. On a train from Budapest to Vienna, Jesse, a young American student, at the end of a romance and his European trip, meets Celine, a young French woman. They are immediately attracted. Despite knowing this may be the only time they will see each other, in the next few hours in the city of Vienna, they share everything and promise to meet again. Nearly a decade later, Jesse, now a novelist on a publicity tour, sees Celine in a bookstore in Paris. Again their time is short, and they spend it reestablishing the connection they experienced on their first meeting. Romantic, poignant, understated, and often profound, these two screenplays are sure to become classics in their own right. 2008-11-19 time of publication of the book, [-Vintage-]"

Publisher : Vintage
Pages : 224 Paper
Genre : Drama
No.ID : qlWQwcZ_v6UC
ISBN-10 : 9780307482099
ISBN-13 : 030748209X
Time : 2008-11-19
Author : Richard Linklater
Size : 658 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Ground Beneath Her Feet

Original Synopsis

"The Ground Beneath Her Feet has a total of 592 pages which are papers from writer 'Salman Rushdie'. Salman Rushdie's most ambitious and accomplished novel, sure to be hailed as his masterpiece. At the beginning of this stunning novel, Vina Apsara, a famous and much-loved singer, is caught up in a devastating earthquake and never seen again by human eyes. This is her story, and that of Ormus Cama, the lover who finds, loses, seeks, and again finds her, over and over, throughout his own extraordinary life in music. Their epic romance is narrated by Ormus's childhood friend and Vina's sometime lover, her "back-door man," the photographer Rai, whose astonishing voice, filled with stories, images, myths, anger, wisdom, humor, and love, is perhaps the book's true hero. Telling the story of Ormus and Vina, he finds that he is also revealing his own truths: his human failings, his immortal longings. He is a man caught up in the loves and quarrels of the age's goddesses and gods, but dares to have ambitions of his own. And lives to tell the tale. Around these three, the uncertain world itself is beginning to tremble and break. Cracks and tears have begun to appear in the fabric of the real. There are glimpses of abysses below the surfaces of things. The Ground Beneath Her Feet is Salman Rushdie's most gripping novel and his boldest imaginative act, a vision of our shaken, mutating times, an engagement with the whole of what is and what might be, an account of the intimate, flawed encounter between the East and the West, a brilliant remaking of the myth of Orpheus, a novel of high (and low) comedy, high (and low) passions, high (and low) culture. It is a tale of love, death, and rock 'n' roll. 2000-03-16 time of publication of the book, [-Henry Holt and Company-]"

Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
Pages : 592 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : 8ct4B2DWK34C
ISBN-10 : 1466822627
ISBN-13 : 9781466822627
Time : 2000-03-16
Author : Salman Rushdie
Size : 146 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Between Budapest and Jerusalem

Original Synopsis

"Between Budapest and Jerusalem has a total of 333 pages which are papers from writer 'Raphael Patai'. 1992 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 333 Paper
Genre : History
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015025377907
Time : 1992
Author : Raphael Patai
Size : 438 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF