Black Wolves

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolves has a total of 816 pages which are papers from writer 'Kate Elliott'. SOME CHOICES CAN NEVER BE UNDONE. The Hundred, once ruled by a tainted religion and demon court, is now a place of peace and prosperity. The Black Wolves, once the king's most trusted guard, are disbanded and shamed with treason. Their captain, Kellas, finds himself standing at a crossroads where he must decide whom to serve and whom to betray. Faithful to the king's memory but shut out from his legacy, Lady Dannarah fights for the rank she was denied, while three young outcasts leave their homes to find their own destiny. As broken alliances are guardedly rekindled and old friendships put to the test, the Hundred's past is called into question - and its very future is put at stake. 2015-11-03 time of publication of the book, [-Hachette UK-]"

Publisher : Hachette UK
Pages : 816 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 0356503216
ISBN-13 : 9780356503219
Time : 2015-11-03
Author : Kate Elliott
Size : 623 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

The Black Wolves of Boston

Original Synopsis

"The Black Wolves of Boston has a total of 480 pages which are papers from writer 'Wen Spencer'. From the Romantic Times Sapphire award winning author of the Internationally best-selling Elfhome series. REBUILD A LIFE, SAVE A CITY Silas Decker had his world destroyed when he was attacked by vampires outside of New Amsterdam. He has rebuilt his life a dozen times in the last three hundred years—each time less and less successfully. Now he lives alone, buried under a hoarding habit, struggling to find some reason to wake up with the setting of the sun. Eloise is a Virtue, pledged to hunting evil. What she doesn’t know is how to live alone in a city full of strangers who know nothing about monsters. Seth is the sixteen-year old Prince of Boston, ward of the Wolf King. Now he is left in a city that desperately needs his protection with enemies gathering all around. Joshua believes he is a normal, college-bound high school senior. His life is shattered when he wakes up in a field, covered with blood, and the prom committee scattered in pieces about him like broken dolls. These four must now come together to unravel a plot by Wickers, witches who gain power from human sacrifices and have the power to turn any human into their puppet. Four people who lost everything struggle to save Boston by saving each other. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management). About Wen Spencer's Elfhome series: “Spencer's intertwining of current Earth technology and otherworldly elven magic is quite ingenious.” —Booklist "The melange of science fiction and fantasy tropes, starships rubbing shoulders with proud elf warriors, is uncommon but tasty. Established fans will enjoy this installment, and those unfamiliar with the series or Spencer may find it an intriguing introduction to her work."—Publishers Weekly About Wen Spencer: “Wit and intelligence inform this off-beat, tongue-in-cheek fantasy. . . . Furious action . . . good characterization, playful eroticism and well-developed folklore. . . . lift this well above the fantasy average. . . . Buffy fans should find a lot to like in the book's resourceful heroine.”—Publishers Weekly on series debut Tinker About Wen Spencer's Eight Million Gods: Eight Million Gods is a wonderfully weird romp through Japanese mythology, culture shock, fan culture and the ability to write your own happy ending. It is diverting and entertaining fantasy."—Galveston County Daily News 2017-02-07 time of publication of the book, [-Baen Books-]"

Publisher : Baen Books
Pages : 480 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1625795599
ISBN-13 : 9781625795595
Time : 2017-02-07
Author : Wen Spencer
Size : 895 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

The Great Black Wolves

Original Synopsis

"The Great Black Wolves has a total of 74 pages which are papers from writer 'Albert E. Cole'. 1964 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 74 Paper
Genre : Wolves
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015071374931
Time : 1964
Author : Albert E. Cole
Size : 684 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Black Wolf Rising

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf Rising has a total of 227 pages which are papers from writer 'Lyle Nicholson'. There was never any doubt that Bernadette Callahan would cause trouble. Her upbringing was sporadic, to say the least. In her sixteen years, she’d lived a life on the road with her parents as they pursued a dream of stardom as barroom musicians that would end with their deaths. Her father’s death was from alcohol and her mother’s death from a broken heart. She’d constantly be dropped off on the reservation in the far north of Canada when her father needed to go on an extended ‘bender,’ and her mother needed to chase him and try to bring him back to his senses. In that time, Bernadette would access her native roots, her grandfather and her grandmother were her caregivers and mentors. But anger rose in Bernadette. She was quick to take offense. Her father was called a white drunk, and her mother a whore. She lived between two worlds, that of her native mother and that of the mournful Irish balladeer that was her father. One day, that world would collide, and Bernadette would need to run. This story is a prequel to the Detective Bernadette Callahan series. Polar Bear Dawn is the first in the series, which is at the end of this book. Also, Polar Bear Dawn is permanently free on most websites to download. The author, Lyle Nicholson, thought that in this world of prequels, where everyone from Star Wars to Batman is doing a prequel, he thought, why not Bernadette Callahan? Don’t readers deserve to know what made her want to fight, want to become a police officer in the fabled Royal Canadian Mounted Police? And from that thought, Black Wolf Rising, the prequel was born. There is myth, there are dreams, there are desires and even a kick-ass Karate Sensei. Lot’s of fun to sit back and enjoy. 2018-02-20 time of publication of the book, [-Red Cuillin Publishing-]"

Publisher : Red Cuillin Publishing
Pages : 227 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 0995978107
ISBN-13 : 9780995978102
Time : 2018-02-20
Author : Lyle Nicholson
Size : 213 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Black Wolf

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf has a total of 240 pages which are papers from writer 'Betty Keller'. Traces the life of the naturalist, painter, and writer, describes his complex personality, and recounts his involvement in the founding of the Boy Scouts of America 1984 time of publication of the book, [-Harpercollins-]"

Publisher : Harpercollins
Pages : 240 Paper
Genre : Science
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 : UCAL:B4455460
Time : 1984
Author : Betty Keller
Size : 166 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Black Wolf: A Dreamland Thriller

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf: A Dreamland Thriller has a total of 480 pages which are papers from writer 'Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice'. “Dale Brown is a superb storyteller.” —W.E.B. Griffin, Washington Post The incomparable Dale Brown (“The best military writer in the country” —Clive Cussler) and co-author Jim DeFelice send the Dreamland team back into action in Black Wolf, an unrelentingly exciting international thriller. A notorious group of legendary assassins, code-named “Wolves,” plan to disrupt an important NATO meeting and, if they can’t be stopped, deadly chaos will reign. Black Wolf is a riveting adventure from two acknowledged masters at the top of their form—combining political intrigue, cutting edge military technology, and ripped-from-the-headlines immediacy. 2010-11-30 time of publication of the book, [-Harper Collins-]"

Publisher : Harper Collins
Pages : 480 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : S6D1cs-tSeEC
ISBN-10 : 9780062030481
ISBN-13 : 0062030485
Time : 2010-11-30
Author : Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice
Size : 892 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

The Black Wolf Pack

Original Synopsis

"The Black Wolf Pack has a total of pages which are papers from writer 'Daniel Carter Beard'. ÊIt was a terrible shock to me (said the Scoutmaster as he fingered a beaded buckskin bag). Old Blink Broosmore was responsible. It was a malicious thing for him to do. He meant it to be mean, too,Ñwanted to hurt me,Ñto wound my feelings and make me ashamed. And all because he nursed a grudge against dadÑI mean Mr. Crawford. It started because of that defective spark-plug in the engine of the roadster. Strange what a tiny thing such as a crack in a porcelain jacket around an old spark-plug can do in the way of changing the course of a fellowÕs whole life. My last period in the afternoon at high school was a study period and I cut it because I had several things to do down town. I hurried home and took the roadster, and on my way out motherÑI mean Mrs. CrawfordÑgave me an armful of books to return to the library and a list of errands she wanted me to do. While motoring down town I noticed that one cylinder was missing occasionally and I told myself I would change that spark-plug as soon as I got home. I made all the stops I had planned and even drove around to the church because I wanted to look in at the parish house where some of my scouts (I was the assistant scoutmaster of Troop 6, of Marlborough) were putting up decorations for the very first Fathers and Sons dinner ever given which we were to have on WashingtonÕs birthday. That was in 1911. As I was leaving I looked at my new wrist watch and discovered that it was a quarter of five. ÒJust in time to catch dad and drive him home from the office,Ó I said to myself, for I knew that he left the office of his big paper-mill down at the docks at five oÕclock. 2015-09-11 time of publication of the book, [-Library of Alexandria-]"

Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Pages : Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 1465595376
ISBN-13 : 9781465595379
Time : 2015-09-11
Author : Daniel Carter Beard
Size : 475 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Tiger's Den: Black Wolves (Haven City Series #5)

Original Synopsis

"Tiger's Den: Black Wolves (Haven City Series #5) has a total of 268 pages which are papers from writer 'Zoe Perdita'. Milo, the Black Wolves’ omega wolf, always stayed on the sidelines. He’s a hacker – not a badass. Hell, he can’t even get laid, much less play the part of a dangerous gang member. But, in order to stop an ongoing gang war, Milo is unceremoniously thrust into the middle of the Tiger’s den as a nark (for the cops) and a spy (for the Black Wolves). Not to mention the dead sexy Tiger leader, Xian Fei, insists Milo stay by his side at all times. For protection purposes, of course. Milo’s not even sure if he’s gay, but Fei makes his stomach do backflips, and his other body parts – well, that’s another story. Yeah, the omega is pretty sure he’s screwed, and he likes it. A lot. Fei clawed his way to the top of the Tigers after years of serving the desires of others. He’s close to ruling his gang in peace, if he can protect the hot little wolf in his care. Problem is – Fei’s not sure he can keep his paws off Milo. While Fei plays the confident leader, he’s hiding a dark past and a vicious secret. Milo’s the only one who can break Fei’s cool – the only one who can bring the tiger to his knees. Passion burns between Fei and Milo, but will the lies and twisted loyalties tear them apart before they find a happy ending? Contains graphic gay sex scenes. wolf shifter, tiger shifter, organized crime, shifter gang, gay romance, m/m romance, omega wolf, gay threesome 2014-07-15 time of publication of the book, [-Eccentric Erotica-]"

Publisher : Eccentric Erotica
Pages : 268 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 :
ISBN-13 :
Time : 2014-07-15
Author : Zoe Perdita
Size : 283 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Original Synopsis

"The Black Wolf's Breed: A Story of France in the Old World and the New, Happening in the Reign of Louis XIV has a total of pages which are papers from writer 'Harris Dickson'. time of publication of the book, [-Library of Alexandria-]"

Publisher : Library of Alexandria
Pages : Paper
Genre :
No.ID : xs0b5ulr5YUC
ISBN-10 : 1465558993
ISBN-13 : 9781465558992
Time :
Author : Harris Dickson
Size : 658 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Black Wolf (#4, Lost Vegas)

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf (#4, Lost Vegas) has a total of 250 pages which are papers from writer 'Lizzy Ford'. 2017-04-19 time of publication of the book, [-Captured Press-]"

Publisher : Captured Press
Pages : 250 Paper
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1623783178
ISBN-13 : 9781623783174
Time : 2017-04-19
Author : Lizzy Ford
Size : 218 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Black Wolf

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf has a total of 341 pages which are papers from writer 'Philip Caveney'. There's a razor-thin line between adoration and hatred in Philip Caveney's haunting thriller. Mark Tyler is a bestselling horror writer, and countless readers are awaiting his next novel featuring Black Wolf. When Mark receives a note from an American fan, he unwisely writes straight back. But his friendly gesture provokes a deluge of increasingly strange letters. Clearly the man is an obsessive who identifies much too closely with the novel's violent supernatural hero. Distracted by personal problems, Mark fails to notice the mounting psychosis of his 'number one' fan. He cannot know that a small US town is already terrorised by a spate of bizarre deaths dubbed 'the wolfman murders'. Nor can he predict that London will soon suffer its own sequence of grisly killings. Will the author fall prey to a monster of his own creation? 2012-07-05 time of publication of the book, [-Hachette UK-]"

Publisher : Hachette UK
Pages : 341 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : wvPLrLcRljIC
ISBN-10 : 0755393511
ISBN-13 : 9780755393510
Time : 2012-07-05
Author : Philip Caveney
Size : 613 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Black Wolf

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf has a total of 320 pages which are papers from writer 'David Gross'. Talbot Uskevren, the second son of one of Selgaunt's most powerful families, fights a deadly battle within himself. Like most men of his station, Talbot spends his days honing his sword fighting skills, and unlike others, practicing the art of acting. Now, Talbot will put both of these talents to the test when a rival House comes looking for blood. The only way for Talbot to survive against the Black Brotherhood is to let the inner wolf loose, and the only way for him to live in Selgaunt's society is to keep the wolf chained. Black Wolf continues the story of the Uskevrens' second son, introduced in the story "Thirty Days" from The Halls of Stormweather. An exciting tale of werewolves in the Forgotten Realms, this is the fouth book in the Sembia series. 2012-03-20 time of publication of the book, [-Wizards of the Coast-]"

Publisher : Wizards of the Coast
Pages : 320 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : ZX5qEJyblxQC
ISBN-10 : 078696281X
ISBN-13 : 9780786962815
Time : 2012-03-20
Author : David Gross
Size : 289 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF

Black Wolf's Revenge

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf's Revenge has a total of 119 pages which are papers from writer 'Tera Shanley'. He’ll risk it all to bring her home. Morgan Carter witnessed her sister’s murder, has been turned into a werewolf and is now raising her young niece. Then her fiance, Greyson Crawford, proves he wants to be with her for the wrong reasons, and she knows her life couldn’t be any stranger. Devastated, she retreats to her cozy house in the city with her sister’s little girl, Lana. There, they’ll have normalcy, and maybe eventually, even happiness. But Morgan’s the only living silver wolf. Her uniqueness—the ability to produce werewolf offspring—means, without Grey’s protection, she’s unknowingly put herself and Lana in deadly danger. Other werewolves want to claim her for their pack, and she’s the easiest, most tempting prey ever. When they strike, Grey has to find her and rescue her before it’s too late. Not so simple a task; he has only the uncontrollable beast inside him, Wolf, and an unlikely pack of allies he’s forced to rely on. Can he get to her in time? And if he does, can he convince her he’s there for the right reasons, saving them both? 38,201 Words 2015-02-17 time of publication of the book, [-Lyrical Press-]"

Publisher : Lyrical Press
Pages : 119 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1616505435
ISBN-13 : 9781616505431
Time : 2015-02-17
Author : Tera Shanley
Size : 518 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

The Black Wolves of Yellow Mountain

Original Synopsis

"The Black Wolves of Yellow Mountain has a total of 198 pages which are papers from writer 'Mercedes M. Reitz, Russell T. Reitz'. 1994-01-01 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 198 Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 9780962534454
ISBN-13 : 0962534455
Time : 1994-01-01
Author : Mercedes M. Reitz, Russell T. Reitz
Size : 825 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Black Wolf's Return

Original Synopsis

"Black Wolf's Return has a total of 328 pages which are papers from writer 'Dan Strawn'. "It is 1740 and Black Wolf, an aged warrior, has a dying vision: The wolves will leave the prairie, and so will the Nez Perce Indians. The vision promises his descendants will only return when the wolves do. In the 20th century, his descendant, Emma Wolf Alone follows her baby's father to California where she forms a lifelong friendship with Tessie, and their children, Tom and Seesee, find trials and tribulations of their own. When Tom and his daughter, Sara, search for the black wolf in and around Hell's Canyon, their journey leads to the fruition of Black Wolf's vision, bringing a three hundred year tale of struggle and survival, love and loss, bound by common dreams, to a conclusion"--Back cover. 2013 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 328 Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : 8R0nngEACAAJ
ISBN-10 : 9781927220351
ISBN-13 : 1927220351
Time : 2013
Author : Dan Strawn
Size : 136 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Catch a Wolf

Original Synopsis

"Catch a Wolf has a total of 343 pages which are papers from writer 'A. Katie Rose'. Raine, Ly'Tana and the others escape Brutal's trap, but with dire consequences. Kel'Ratan has been grievously injured, and Rygel must take him to safety to save his life. Yet, they are not out of danger. A monstrous storm called the Wrath of Usa'a'mah has halted their flight from Khalid and they must seek shelter within a remote monastery or die under the storm's power. But High King Brutal has allied himself with the deadly assassins, the Shekinah Tongu. The secretive clan has sworn out a Blood Oath against Rygel in retaliation for his leaving their brothers in the forest to die. With their hellish hounds and Brutal's dark wizard, Ja'Teel, they track Raine and Ly'Tana through the devastation left by the storm. Raine leads them into the west, toward Ly'Tana's home of Kel'Halla, with Brutal's menace confronting them at every turn. As he finds himself falling in love with the exotic Ly'Tana, Raine is plagued by a mysterious voice in his head. Is he going crazy? In Raine, Ly'Tana discovers the one man she cannot live without. However, an evil entity has targeted Ly'Tana, bent on her destruction. How can Raine, Rygel, Kel'Ratan and her griffin bodyguard, Bar, keep her safe from its vast, unseen power? Hunted by Brutal and his evil allies, Raine, Ly'Tana and their friends discover a new, and very strange, force dogging their trail - a pack of enormous, cunning wolves. Mysterious wolves who call to Raine in the night, and bring alive the secret he's kept hidden, even from himself. Taunted by nightmarish visions, Raine is forced to confront his own dark demon - the beast within. Who will catch Raine and Ly'Tana first? Brutal and his pets - or the wolves? Thus begins the second novel of the Saga of the Black Wolf series. 2013-06-25 time of publication of the book, [-Untreed Reads-]"

Publisher : Untreed Reads
Pages : 343 Paper
No.ID : PMqV1YAg3dIC
ISBN-10 : 161187579X
ISBN-13 : 9781611875799
Time : 2013-06-25
Author : A. Katie Rose
Size : 287 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Salvaged Souls (Black Hills Wolves #58)

Original Synopsis

"Salvaged Souls (Black Hills Wolves #58) has a total of 88 pages which are papers from writer 'Deena Remiel'. When a new woman comes to Los Lobos, looking for a fresh start and a helping hand, she turns dominant black wolf, Parker’s world upside down. Struck by her beauty and vulnerability, he’s immediately consumed by her voice. One with which he’s all too familiar. The seductive, tremulous voice of his red wolf, his dream lover who he’d give anything to rescue from a torturous life. His mind is slammed by the impossible implications, and he can’t let her out of his sight until he finds out who she really is. Shiloh has endured endless days and nights as a captured, forced mate of an alpha, chained to a cast iron stove, a vessel for all manner of unspeakable abuses. The only thing keeping her alive? Her black wolf, her mate, who comes every night in her dreams, soothing away the anguish, offering exquisite love and hope that one day an opportunity will come for her to break away. With her mate away on a trip, she just might have that chance. Shiloh and Parker are two bruised souls, salvaged from the wreckage of their tragic pasts, who find that love might finally set them free. 2016-11-10 time of publication of the book, [-Decadent Publishing-]"

Publisher : Decadent Publishing
Pages : 88 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1683611217
ISBN-13 : 9781683611219
Time : 2016-11-10
Author : Deena Remiel
Size : 652 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Exodus into Evil

Original Synopsis

"Exodus into Evil has a total of 128 pages which are papers from writer 'Stanley J. Brzycki'. Evil lurks among us. In the blackness of a moonlit forest, a wolf howls. In the dank space of a cluttered basement, something hides in shadow. In your own backyard, a hungry creature wants to kill you. This is the world of Exodus into Evil, a collection of short stories that will take you wandering down a bloody path. Have you ever felt nervous during a job interview? That’s your body telling you to run, as in the short story, “The Chair.” Want to know if witches really fly around on Halloween? Discover the truth in “November First.” Think tumbleweed are harmless, dried plants, rolling through the desert? Keep thinking that—until one of them bites off a foot in “Tumbleweeds.” Each story has one thing in common: something bad is coming, and evil is on its mind. The sheriff might think he’s setting off to help his townsfolk, but the path is never straight in the world of evil. The artist may think a friendly bloodsucker is a creative inspiration, but his work may end up more twisted than he could imagine. Beware the creature in the shadows; sooner or later, it will come for you! 2011-12-14 time of publication of the book, [-iUniverse-]"

Publisher : iUniverse
Pages : 128 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 1462054447
ISBN-13 : 9781462054442
Time : 2011-12-14
Author : Stanley J. Brzycki
Size : 839 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and EPUB

Call of the Wilds [Black Wolf Gorge 1]

Original Synopsis

"Call of the Wilds [Black Wolf Gorge 1] has a total of pages which are papers from writer 'Gale Stanley'. [Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Shape-shifter] Veterinarian Karin Stone escapes the crime-ridden city for a quiet life in the Pennsylvania wilds. Surrounded by acres of unspoiled forest, she tends a pack of relocated wolves. But the wolves aren't the only endangered species in Black Wolf Gorge. Wolf-shifter Malcolm Connor believes he's the last of his kind, left for dead by the same hunters who murdered his family. When he catches the scent of the new wildlife manager, he can't deny the attraction, but he knows getting involved with a human woman will only lead to heartache. The mutilated remains of a hiker are discovered, and a black wolf is captured. Karin protects the quarantined wolf, and the locals are angry. When Malcolm steps in to defend her, sparks fly. Karin loses her heart, but can she convince the man she loves that they belong together? Or will a jealous rival tear them apart forever? ** A Siren Erotic Romance 2010-05-27 time of publication of the book, [-Siren-BookStrand-]"

Publisher : Siren-BookStrand
Pages : Paper
Genre : Fiction
No.ID : W2MEt_tW1GoC
ISBN-10 : 1606018000
ISBN-13 : 9781606018002
Time : 2010-05-27
Author : Gale Stanley
Size : 543 KB/s
Format : PDF, EBOOK and EPUB

Prince Wolf

Original Synopsis

"Prince Wolf has a total of 588 pages which are papers from writer 'A Katie Rose, Ravven'. Raine has discovered that he is not just gai'tan, the werewolf, he is the direct descendant of the wolf god, Darius, and the Chosen One of the wolves. In accepting his wolf self, and merging both halves - man and wolf - he also accepts his role as the wolves' savior: he must slay the monster that keeps Darius a prisoner. Unless Darius is freed, wolves will die out as a species. But Raine has had a vision, and has foreseen his own death. In order to keep his love, Ly'Tana, safe, he abandons her and all those dear to him. With only Darius' voice in his head for company, he leaves behind his blood-brother, Rygel, his newly adopted wolf son, Tuatha, and his loyal Tarbane, Tashira, to travel to the frozen north alone and heartbroken. Angry and bewildered, Ly'Tana resolves to follow him north. Yet, her divine enemy makes another attempt to kill her. Under Rygel's guidance and protected by a pack of enormous wolves, Ly'Tana, her kinsman, Kel'Ratan, and her warriors ride in search of a monk who can save her from divine retribution. High King Brutal hasn't given up his chase to marry her and seize her beloved country, nor has the Shekinah Tongu turned aside from their Blood Oath to slay Rygel. Hunted by both men and gods, Ly'Tana rides in search of answers, before she can ride in search of her one true love. Will Raine escape the evil wizard Ja'Teel's traps? Can he stave off starvation as he learns to hunt as a wolf? Can Ly'Tana survive the wrath of a god and outwit a murdering King? How will she endure treachery from within her own camp? Thus begins Prince Wolf, Book Three of the Saga of the Black Wolf. 2014-05-23 time of publication of the book, [--]"

Publisher :
Pages : 588 Paper
Genre : Fiction
ISBN-10 : 9780990427520
ISBN-13 : 0990427528
Time : 2014-05-23
Author : A Katie Rose, Ravven
Size : 324 KB/s
Format : EPUB and PDF

Original Synopsis

"The Curse of Ulrik: The Wolves of Trisidian -- Part Two of the Trilogy has a total of pages which are papers from writer 'Adrian Robbe'. The stakes are raised in this dramatic, medieval tale as the spell of the deathless Curse of Ulrik hovers over the region in the troubled, mystical Land of Jandor. Castle Trisidian's supernatural host of demonic, bloodthirsty Black War Wolves continues to roam, terrorize, and inflict death upon the innocent citizens of Jandor. Like troops of ghosts driven by the darkest wind, the Black Wolves of Trisidian creep their way through the villages from cottage to cottage, striking at Jandor's citizens like an army of vipers from the Underworld. Harboring the weak cry of unassisted woe, the heart of Jandor's people has become faint like the falling dew. Sir Geoffrey Talbot, Knight of Stonehaven, makes a pledge to put an end to these wicked creatures and their bloodthirsty attacks upon his people. Will Geoffrey's life and the people of his homeland ever be filled with peace and hope for the future, or will Ulrik's Curse of the Black Wolves of Trisidian destroy them all? 2017-12-20 time of publication of the book, []"

Publisher :
Pages : Paper
Genre :
ISBN-10 : 1387459759
ISBN-13 : 9781387459759
Time : 2017-12-20
Author : Adrian Robbe
Size : 216 KB/s
Format : EBOOK and PDF